A word of caution before we begin; this game is not for those faint of heart.
Night Terrors is a scary augmented reality game that will make the hair stand on your arms. The rules of the game are simply yet very effective. Firstly, you need to be in a dark secluded room. Secondly, you need to have your tablet’s camera switched on. Place the camera a comfortable distance from yourself so it can scan your surroundings. Then watch in slow, unfurling horror as the freakish fiends begin to materialise behind you. There is no point in stifling your screams because they will jump right at you. The graphics are so frightfully good that you will feel like you are in a living nightmare. Every time you look in the mirror, the jump scares will come back to haunt you. Bid farewell to your nights of good sleep because Night Terrors is going to instil permanent fear in your heart. 

FULL NAME:Night Terrors
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Key Features Of Night Terrors

Scary Ambience
The game strategically turns your surrounding into an eerily quiet environment. Headphones are definitely recommended. The darker your house is, the better this it will be. It follows the working of Pokémon Go, except you will not be overjoyed to find “pokemon” as you move around. Ghouls with soulless eyes and Cheshire cat grins will spring at you from different places. The sheer suddenness of it will surely make you scream bloody murder. 

Night Terrors: Bloody Mary Is An AR Horror Game From Paranormal Activity's  Creator
Download for Windows

Immersive Gameplay
The protagonist of this game is you in flesh and bone. And the demons are right there behind you. It is a game that transforms your surrounding into a demonic hellscape. The only way out is by closing the game and uninstalling it from your phone. Don’t be a sadist and share this game with your children. They cannot handle such unprecedented horror. If you believe you have got a lion’s heart, then go ahead and play it on your own. It makes little difference whether you brave through it or not, the outcome is the same; a string of sleepless nights. So know that you have been forewarned.

How To Download It On PC

Increase the expanse of your horror range and watch your demons jump out on the big screen. Make sure you have a working webcam on your system before you download this game. Its primary working is based on the power of camera so if you are not equipped with that, then there is no point of downloading the game on your PC and Mac.

Download using Bluestacks

  1. To download this android emulator, go to the link www.bluestacks.com. It provides you with a safe and reliable link.
  2. Launch the emulator. When the home screen pops up, search for Play Store in it.
  3. Using the store’s search feature, look for Night Terrors app. Download it from the search results.
  4. Your nightmare is only a click away from being displayed.

Download using NoxPlayer

  1. From the site www.bignox.com, download the NoxPlayer emulator.
  2. After download finishes, it will run on its own. You will see it has Play Store already pre-installed.
  3. Use it to search for Night Terrors and subsequently download it .
  4. Finally, you can run your application on your computer screen.
Download for Windows

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