Calling all hardcore football fans! NFL has finally gone digital and they have built a streaming platform called NFL Gaming Pass, exclusively available on play store. This app makes sure you never miss out on watching games and that you are constantly in touch with the happenings of the football world. Watch live games on demand, anytime and anyplace. Every touchdown that is made, you will be one of the first to know.  It is officially licensed by National Football League so it comes with a pro subscription. The perks of it are too good to resist. This app comes with super bowl sized fun and you will be thoroughly entertained with it.

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Key Features Of NFL Game Pass

Watch Offline
Unlike other streaming platforms, NFL Game Pass lets you enjoy watching videos offline. There is no prerequisite for wifi. So if you are travelling or don’t have internet access, you can still log into your device to catch up on all the football action.

Condensed Matches
It is impossible to find time to catch up on games all week, especially if you are a working person. The time you take to complete watching one game can be divided into days. No one likes watching games in portions. This is why, NFL Game Pass allows you to watch a full game in less than 45 minutes with no commercials. This way, you can save precious time and enjoy wholeheartedly at the same time.

Invite friends to watch a game without sharing the same couch. Yes, that’s right, you can share links with your friends so they can tune in to watch the game with you. Upto five devices can connect to one Game Pass account at the same time. Pretty neat huh?

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Download for Windows

Awesome Controls
NFL Game Pass has a variety of inbuilt functions. For example, you can watch two games at the same time in the same window. You can zip pass commercials using the fast forward button or if you want to watch the Super Bowl again, you can rewind through the timeline. 

How To Download It On PC

Now you can catch up on the action on the large screens of your devices. You needn’t have to strain your eyes to analyse game stats on tiny screens. You can conveniently move to your PC and view all the action with double the excitement.

Download using Bluestacks

  1. Download this emulator from Wait a few minutes for the application to install completely on your console.
  2. Launch it after installation ends. Find the play store prebuilt in it. To access its features, you have to sign into Google.
  3. Now you can look up the name in the search bar. Tap it to start download when you find it.
  4. NFL Game Pass is now available for use on your system.

Downloading using NoxPlayer

  1. Download this emulator from In another few minutes, your NoxPlayer will install completely on your system.
  2. Download the apk file of NFL Game Pass as well.
  3. When Nox opens, find the ‘Add apk file’ option at the bottom. Click it to add your app’s file.
  4. NFL Game Pass will be added to Nox’ home screen for your use.
Download for Windows

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