With the emergence of streaming services, many consumers are dropping their subscriptions from cable and satellite televisions. But the one detail missing from these streaming services is that they don’t necessarily cover news. Cutting the TV cord is okay as far as entertainment is concerned. Netflix and Hulu-like services easily substitute for it. But when it comes to news, we need a dependable platform. This is why NewsOn was built. It exists solely to fill you in about the happenings of your country. Backed by a cohort of at least 120 TV stations, NewsOn is the news provider you have been looking for.

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Key Features Of NewsOn

Location Dependant
The application detects your location before it feeds you with your dose of news. This is done to provide you with accurate local news. The stations available around your area are simultaneously highlighted on the app’s interactive map. You can choose which station you want to listen to. Essentially, you are flipping through stations until you finally settle on one that meets your expectations.

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Real-Time Elements
An amazing thing about NewsOn is that it allows you to join in audience conversations. This means you can discuss with other users about the on-going news. You can even go on to view and post real-time tweets. There is a timeline tool that helps you narrow what you wish to watch. If you are not keen on the sports side, you can scroll through the timeline and watch the business news instead.

Reliable Sources
If you are wondering how reliable the NewsOn app is, we will share some names backing it. Television Station Group, Cox Media Group, Hearst Television and Media General are some of the ABC owned stations invested in it.

How To Download It On PC

Do you want to access NewsOn your PC but you don’t know how to install the mobile app on your system? Don’t worry, we have the solution for you. With the constant churning of new technology, developers came up with a way to run mobile apps on computers. This is achieved by using android emulators. Like the term suggests, these devices emulate an android environment on your PC. Bluestacks and NoxPlayer are the two devices we will be using to demonstrate an emulator’s functionality.

Using Bluestacks

  1. Download this application from the site www.bluestacks.com. Wait a couple of minutes for it to download successfully on your computer.
  2. Bluestacks will open automatically and you will find Play Store in its home screen. To access it, sign into Google first.
  3. After doing so, search for NewsOn in the store. Download it once you find it.
  4. Congrats! You can now get your daily news scope on your computer.

Using NoxPlayer

  1. This application can be downloaded easily from the site www.bignox.com. Visit the site to do so.
  2. Once it is downloaded, you will find it has Play Store in-built in it. Open it and log into Google to use the store features.
  3. Now search for the application in the search bar. When you find it, download it into your system.
  4. Finally to access the application, just open your Nox home screen and click on its icon.
Download for Windows

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