Sometimes, our mobile devices don’t pick the internet signals as efficiently as they usually do. This results in slow internet and we all know how frustrating that is. Using NetShare, we can get rid of such problems. NetShare is a no-root-tethering app that turns your device into a wifi hotspot.  You can share wifi with any number of devices you want to but remember, the more load on the channel, the weaker the signals emanated. Using NetShare, a device can act as a Wifi repeater thereby enhancing the speed of the internet. You can say goodbye to slow internet once you equip your devices with NetShare.

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Key Features Of Netshare

Undetectable Signals
When you switch to NetShare, you are in control of which device receives your internet signal and which doesn’t. Unlike a router, not everyone in your vicinity has immediate access to it. You get to decide which devices deserve a Wifi extension. The tethering is completely hidden from unwanted guests and you can enjoy your personal router connection.

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Enjoy Super Fast Wifi
NetShare revolves around deriving power from the main router. It amplifies its signals to emit stronger ones which enable your device to have high-speed internet. The C libraries make the tethering process very fast, even faster than Bluetooth. With NetShare, you can relish in surfing the net for hours without having to worry about laggy net. 

Portable Hotspot
You can turn your device into a hotspot using mobile data. This is especially use if you are stuck with your friends in a place with no internet *shudders*. It can be a line at the movie theatre or a restaurant with no wifi provision. By a simple click, your phone will become a hotspot for you and your friends to connect in desperate times like those.

How To Download It On PC

Think about how handy it will be to have not one, but two WIFI devices! Yes, you heard it right. You can download this exclusive mobile app on your PC/Macbooks and turn it into a hotspot for your other devices. In order to download NetShare, you need an android emulator installed in your system. This will help your run the app on PC. In this case, we will be using Bluestacks and NoxPlayer, two of the most prominent emulators in the free market, to install NetShare on PC.

Using Bluestacks

  1. From the website, you can download the emulator in a fast and efficient manner.
  2. When it launches, go to the play store that is pre-installed in it. To use the store’s features, sign into Google first.
  3. After doing that, look up your app’s name. Click it to start downloading.
  4. When it finishes downloading, you can find the app icon on the Nox home screen. Just click it and start running it.

Using NoxPlayer

  1. From the site, you can download the emulator easily. In addition, download the apk file of NetShare from your browser.
  2. When NoxPlayer launches on its own, you will see there’s an option at the bottom that says ‘Add apk file’. Click it to add your app’s file.
  3. NetShare will be added to your emulator and you can run it from there.
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