Network Monitor, or as it is commonly known as Netmon, is a DNS data analysis tool developed by Microsoft engineer Raymond Patch. It is designed to perform network analysis as well as troubleshoot network related issues. Any packet that is sent from the host network is sniffed for signs of malware. And any packet that is received by the host undergoes meticulous scanning so as to ensure that it is virus free. In addition, it performs routine traffic observations. This provides the engineer a crystal clear picture of how cluttered or how spacious the network transmissions are. The robustness of available filters dishes out the efficiency of every application installed on your PC. It is a free software tool so you need not pay for its services. Not every user can understand it though. Its complex mechanism is comprehensible only by advanced engineers.

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Key Features Of Netmon

Analyse Data Packets
Grab individual data packets from their path of flow and observe them for analytics. In this way, you can polish down every packet before sending it on its way to another server. This helps you to review the speed stats and dissolve network issues before they can even occur. Netmon’s inbuilt filters also help you to view specific parts of the traffic. You can use these filters for an in-depth analysis of certain data pockets.

Review Traffic Flow

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Download for Windows

The steady flow of packets from one network to another doesn’t mean speed or time is measurable. Sometimes, the process can be awfully slow and sometimes, it may not even happen successfully. This can happen due to various things, one of them being network clogs. These clogs occur when the traffic flow is unchecked for too long. Luckily, Netmon ensures your network is never clogged again. With this, you can analyse traffic flow from server to server. It gives you an insight of your network speed.

Real-Time Data Provision
As the packets flow in their medium, you get to view their bandwidth latency, disk usage and event logs all in real time.

How To Download On PC

There are two ways of downloading this software to your PC. You can download it using through the traditional means of CD installation. Or you can visit the official Microsoft site to download the software from there. Since the smaller, compact laptops in use today do not come with a CD player, we shall shed more light on the second method.

Download for Windows
  1. Firstly, go to the link This will redirect you to the download page on Microsoft’s’ official site.
  2. On this page, you will find details of the package, system requirements and installation instructions. You can go through them later. Just click the red download button first.
  3. The setup’s exe file is downloaded first. Run it on your system
  4. In the setup window, follow the installation instructions until the very end. Network Monitor will be installed after it.
  5. Additionally, you will need to download the parser package. You will get inbuilt instructions for it on the page.

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