Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as NES, is a popular game system that was released in 1983. This is one of the best-selling game consoles of all the time with 60 million units sold in its life and was mainly popular because of the games that were developed for it. There were a lot of games available but Super Mario Bros. was the best-selling game that attracted a lot of gamers.

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Apart from the games, NES was quite popular because of its effective cartridge switching system and its decent graphics and sound effects. If you never got a chance to play games on Nintendo, don’t worry because you can still play NES games, you just need an NES ROM and emulator

An NES ROM is a file that contains the complete contents of the video game cartridge and can be played on any device with the help of an emulator.

Top 5 NES Emulators

As mentioned above, to open and run an NES game ROM, you need to download an NES emulator that is compatible with your device. You can check out the top 5 NES emulators in the market that work on different platforms and devices.


Nintendulator is a solid NES emulator that is compatible with a Windows system. This emulator offers features such as soft/hard reset of NES, USB controller support, Game Genie support, and so on.


FCEUX is a popular NES emulator that works well for Linux, Mac, and Windows systems and is quite easy to use. This emulator has many features such as debugging tools, speedrun, etc. that make it an all-in-one emulator.

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Nestopia UE

Nestopia UE is another great NES emulator that works well with Windows 10 and offers a lot of features. Some of these features are multiplayer support, external devices support, auto-saving, etc.


Mesen supports all games and is said to be the most accurate NES emulator for Linux and Windows. This emulator offers a plethora of features such as cheat finder, equalizer, netplay, and so on.


VirtualNES is another great NES emulator that runs smoothly on PCs and can be easily customized too. You can use it with an external joystick and it also offers support from cheat codes, full-screen mode, and so on.

How to run NES Roms on an emulator

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Running an NES ROM on an emulator is quite easy and simple and won’t take a lot of time. Here are the steps that you need to follow to play NES titles on your chosen device.

  1. First, select an NES emulator that will work well on your device or PC. Then, find a safe website to download the installation file for the emulator and download it.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, extract the contents of the .zip file and search for the installer application. Double-click on the installer to begin the installation process.
  3. Make sure that you follow all the steps of installation and wait for it to get completed.
  4. After installation is complete, you need NES ROMs to run on the emulator. So, go to a safe website to download NES game ROMs and download a few game files.
  5. Extract the game files at an easily accessible location and launch the NES emulator.
  6. Now, customize the settings of your emulator and connect a controller to configure it.
  7. Then, load the game ISO file by navigating to the destination where you saved the file through the emulator. Once you open the game file, the game will start running on your device.
  8. You can now play your game by simply opening the emulator and clicking on the game title.

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