Lewd games are of many, and there are different attributes to each of these games. Each of the titles brings various content types and ensures that it elevates the player engagement ratio and makes the gameplay quite immersive indeed. But if you are on the hunt for such a game, then look no more. We have one exciting title here today. 

FULL NAME:Negligee: Love Stories Game

What is Negligee: Love Stories?

Negligee: love stories is a game that revolves around a storyline based affair. It’s where players have to choose the action for the story to continue further. In this particular game, hentai characters are widely used and show a great deed of female assets and male masculinity. Overall the game is perfect for those looking for NSFW content and plays it as per your wish. There are four different stories to choose from, and each having its ending. 

Key features of the game

Negligee: Love Stories Gameplay PC - YouTube

Four different stories. 

There are four entirely different stories that players can choose from, and each one offers its very own ending. Each story is quite lewd from the other, but it does a great job of holding the storyline together. 

Different personalities. 

Every character in the storylines are quite different and have their way of getting things done. If you want to explore more, then there are mods that can enhance the gameplay features. 

Amazing detail. 

Every character is designed so that the sex appeal from the character is quite prominent—something to note for those looking for games in this aspect. 

Minimum system requirements. 

  • CPU – Intel Pentium. 
  • OS – Windows XP or higher. 
  • RAM – 1GB. 
  • Storage – 3GB. 

How to download and install it on PC?

Download the installation files. 

The file for the games is broadly available on multiple sites that still host the game. You can download mods as well for the game. 

Install it. 

Once downloaded, then extract the relevant files and set up the installer. Install it as per your installation preference. 


Have fun playing the game. 

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