We all love to watch and stream much content from the internet. The internet is Aladdin’s Cave when it comes to streaming content. Many times, you want to watch the multimedia content present on the internet on your mobile devices or TV or your desktop or laptop.


If you did not know of any application to assist you with it earlier, now you will know thoroughly. Navi-X is an application that you can download on your PC for free and stream multimedia internet content without any obstacles in your path.

All you need apart from Navi-X is a fast internet connection. Watching was never this swift before. The Navi-X application has many features that make it a big reason for you to give it a try right away. 

Navi-X will not disappoint you as it works on all the systems. You can download, watch, listen, and share any amount of multimedia internet content. You can even create multimedia content of your own. So let’s get to work and download the app. After that work, it is all play and watching the fun stuff online.

Key Features of Navi-X

Works with any Software

The Navi-X application is a deal that you should grab immediately. The application Navi-X works on any software that you can name. Navi-X works on Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and even iOS. You can be sitting anywhere and watching multimedia internet content on Navi-X with ease. 

Stream Everything and Anything

With the Navi-X on your PC, mobile or TV devices, you can stream any multimedia content present on the internet. It collects all the internet content that is present on the multiple sites present online brings them to you under a single roof. You can not only listen to songs but also playbacks, podcasts, see texts, pictures, and much more.

User-Friendly Public Content Platform

Android APK Files - Download Best Apps, Games , Themes and Live Wallpapers  for Android: amo Navi-X v2.1.21 APK

“For you and for me, and the entire human race.”

You are probably reminded of a hymn from your pre-school days right now. If you are so eager, download Navi-X and listen to it to get it out of your head. Do not live those old days alone, share it with your friends too. With Navi-X, you can even share content with others. This is not all! With Navi-X, you can even create your own playbacks and playlists. You can customize them by adding your icons and several other things. Now get all the internet content on a single public platform.

Steps to Download and Install Navi-X on PC

For Navi-X to function on your PC, you must have an XBMC – Kodi, for instance.

  1. Download BlueStacks or NoxPlayer on your PC from the Play Store website.
  2. Next, install Kodi or any other XBMC on your device from the BlueStacks or the NoxPlayer app.
  3. Now after, a quick Google search download and install Navi-X. 
  4. Now you can watch and share content on Navi-X.

Steps to Download and Install Navi-X on Mac

To install Navi-X on Mac, you must have an XBMC like Kodi. You can download an Android Emulator first to be able to run XBMC software on your macOS system.

  1. In the System Preferences option, go to the Security and Privacy option.
  2. Next, in the General settings, allow Applications Downloaded From Anywhere.
  3. Third, go to the Play Store on your Mac and install any of the Android Emulator – BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.
  4. Install an XBMC like Kodi, and then after a Google search, install Navi-X on your Mac.

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