A musical game with a delightful twist, My Singing Monsters is all about turning your monster of a pet into a singing prodigy. Once he’s become sufficiently good at singing your song, you help him breed with other monsters which results in multiple variations of your song. Each monster comes with a distinct voice box so no two monsters sound the same. Let your eyes well up with tears of both laughter and pride as you sing along with your silly pets. If the graphics and character animation don’t win you over, then the singing techniques deployed by your monsters surely will.

FULL NAME:My Singing Monsters
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Key Features Of My Singing Monsters

Habitable Islands
There are different islands that host your pet’s homecoming. Well, he is a singing prodigy so you shouldn’t be surprised if he is away on tours often. Where ever he goes, it is your job to make his surroundings as comfortable and pretty as possible. This isn’t a hard job since the islands are naturally beautiful. You just have to add some elements here and there to make your pet happy.

Array of Characters
To choose a pet from a collection of singing munchkins is the hardest part. Currently, there are 150 adorable monsters in the game but with updates coming out every year, the number is sure to rise. Choose your pet wisely for he will stay with you forever. You get to nurture him, bathe him and watch him evolve from a tiny mutt to a singing hero. Let him mingle with his peers and see who the best singer among them is.

Play With Friends
Call your friends for a visit to your island. Let them marvel over how beautifully you have transformed your home. And leave them in even more awe at the singing skills of your pet. They will bring along their pets too so you two can have your monsters engage in a battle of ‘Who sings better?”It will remind you of the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’, where groups of singers engage in a face off. The only difference is that the singers here are monsters.

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Download for Windows

How To Download It On PC

Download using Bluestacks

  1. www.bluestacks.com is the official website of Bluestacks from where you can easily download the emulator.
  2. When Bluestacks begins to run on PC, you will find Play Store on its home screen. Simply click on it.
  3. Before you can search for your game, you will be asked to sign into Google. After doing so, you can access the Store’s search bar. Look up the name of your game.
  4. Tap on its icon for installation. And after a few minutes, My Singing Monsters will available for playing on your desktop.

Download using Nox

Download for Windows
  1. www.bignox.com is the official website of the NoxPlayer. You can easily download the app from there.
  2. Make sure to download the apk file of My Singing Monsters as well on your system.
  3. When Nox is launched, you will find a button at the bottom that says ‘Add apk file.’ Click on it to add your game’s apk file.
  4. The apk file will be configured accordingly. You can play your game after it is successfully added to your Nox home screen.

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