Music Paradise is an application that lets you listen to songs free of charge. You can download them as well on your android phones. It is really a paradise for music lovers. It hasn’t gained prominence the way Spotify and Amazon Music have and that is because it has a comparatively smaller library. However, it is stacked with high-quality music. Other applications require you to pay, but in Paradise, everything is free. It is your heavenly abode of harmonies and you can thrive on it for all of eternity.

FULL NAME:Music Paradise
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Key Feature Of Music Paradise

Flexible Music Player
The neon lit colours surrounding your music player are your control keys to enhance the sound quality. You can fine tune the bass, upgrade the equalizer and switch to stereo mode. You can sit back and let the music wash over you in resonating waves. Define the type of fine tuning you want and let your ears be blessed with the amazing results that come from it.

Make Your Playlist
You have an option of sorting your songs into playlists. Each playlist will be tinted with a different neon hue, making them quite appealing to the eye. You decide which songs go into which playlist. You can shuffle around the tracks or put them on loop if you can’t get enough of that one awesome song. Music Paradise truly lives up to its name.

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Download for Windows

Free Subscription
You can subscribe to Music Paradise Pro that comes with additional features like downloading music from YouTube. The free version of it works fine too. You can listen to songs without the internet and it has a lock screenplay feature. To sum it up, it is a music player built in the Garden of Eden. You will find no reason to be disappointed with it.

How To Download It On PC

An ardent music fan will appreciate the surround system of a PC more than a mobile’s set of speakers. If you are from among them, then you will definitely appreciate this guide to install Music Paradise on your system. Who says you can’t run mobile apps on PC? You most certainly can, with the aid of a special software known as android emulator. Its job is to seamlessly run mobile apps on your computer. We will give you two examples so you can try them for yourself.

Download using Bluestacks

The first emulator we will be using is Bluestacks:

  1. Download this app from
  2. It will launch automatically to display its home screen. You will find Play Store somewhere in it. Click it open.
  3. Sign into Google as per directions. Then search for Music Paradise in your store’s search bar.
  4. When you find it, tap it to start download. And in another few minutes, you can enter your Music Paradise through your computer screen.

Download using NoxPlayer

The second emulator we will be using is NoxPlayer:

  1. Download this app from
  2. When it runs, you will find Play Store in its home screen. Sign in to Google first and then you access it.
  3. Search for the app in the store so you can download it as you do on your mobile phone.
  4. Now your app will be accessible from the NoxPlayer screen.
Download for Windows

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