Managing music on computers has never been a complicated process. Even if you have millions of songs on your computer, the file manager took care of organizing it the way you wanted. However, the problem arose when you felt like playing all the songs one after the other in a sequence according to your preference. Though there was a media player, it never really did justice. For the same reason, another application did fulfil this very defect in windows. 

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What is Music Bee?

Music bee is a media library software that helps rearrange the music in your computer based on the album, genre, date added, ascending, descending order, and so on. The options of arraigning it are plenty and let you play the music in any fashion you’re desired. There were shuffle options as well, along with playing a song based on selection. 

Key features of the software. 

MusicBee - The Ultimate Music Manager and Player
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The software lets users listen to music; however they are pleased to listen and customize it according to their preference. The sound quality was excellent and also let the users create playlists for definitive occasions.  


The application was free to use and required no additional charges whatsoever. 

Simple user interface. 

The user interface is simple and doesn’t require much navigation to get what you are looking for.

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Download the installation files for the software. 

Get the installation files from any of the sites that still host the application on their website. Download the latest version of the software. 

  • Install it.

Once downloaded, install it through the installer. 

Download for Windows
  • Enjoy. 

Upon successful installation, use the application as per your preference and desires. 

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