This cool parkour game with its multiple shades of pink oozes girl power. That’s right, it is an action game specifically designed for girls. Muse Dash is packed with amazing visuals and acoustics that earned it ‘The Excellence in Sound Design’ nomination during Taipei Game Show, 2018. The game is riddled with mirror codes that have hampered the working of the world. Three lovely heroines are presented to you and upon choosing one; you set out to straighten the world again. There is no complexity in the storyline. The graphics are as simple and delightful as the story itself. What makes it delightful you ask? Take a look at its features!

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Key Features Of Muse Dash

Unprecedented Styles
If there are girls involved, then fashion is obviously going to be involved too. You get to select your character’s attire from a vibrantly styled wardrobe. You can change your hair style, add accessories and basically dress to the nines before heading out. What’s more, you can choose a pet to tag along on your adventure. It is quite endearing really.

Song Collection
Every scene of the game comes with a perfect thematic score. Initially, you will have thirty popular songs you can shuffle through. As you make progress, more songs will be added to your playlist and subsequently the mood of the gameplay will be enhanced.

Easy Controls
Jive to the music and get rid of enemies simultaneously with left and right operations. Enjoy the unparalleled visuals as you continue your journey and make sure you don’t forget to dance

Muse Dash for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details
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How To Download It On PC

The days of whining over graphically awesome games being unavailable on desktop are long over. With advancement in technology, we now have the luxury of playing our precious mobile games on PC. Some games don’t have a browser version which makes it hard for us to find them online. This is where something called android emulators step in. Android emulators are desktop applications that let us run mobile apps on PC. Here, we will be using two of them to play Muse Dash on our system:

Using Bluestacks

  1. First, visit the site From there, you can download the emulator safely and securely.
  2. Let the app configure by itself. You will find play store in-built in it. Open it to sign into your Google account.
  3. Once that’s done, you can search for the game in the search bar. Tap it to start the download.
  4. Muse Dash will download soon.

Using NoxPlayer

  1. Go to the site from where you can download the emulator easily.
  2. In addition, download the apk file of the game from your browser.
  3. When Nox opens, you will find a button on the bottom that says “Add apk file’. Click it to add Muse Dash’s file.
  4. The game adds on to the Nox Screen. You are now a click away from enjoying your game!
Download for Windows

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