By far, PuTTY is one of the most renowned open software tools to enable file transfer across networks whilst working as a serial console. It is extremely versatile in its network support. You can use a number of network protocols without any restriction to stick to one. The only time restriction comes is when the question of how many servers can run at a time comes up. If you are a developer, then you must have bemoaned over PuTTY’s inability to run multiple servers simultaneously.

FULL NAME:Multi-Tabbed PuTTY (MtPuTTY)
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It is the only severe drawback of PuTTY, and it is one that is easily overlooked by a software called Multi-tabbed PuTTY. MtPuTTY lets you run five separate servers in five different windows. None of the instances overlaps each other, despite existing in the same GUI frame. Using MtPuTTY allows you to shift between windows without having to close entire server connections. For users who love working insecure remote shells, MtPuTTY is a real joy. It may be a small utility package but it will certainly work wonders for you.

Key Features Of MtPuTTY

Automatic Login
It’s hard to keep track of passwords when you are dealing with multiple servers. However, MtPuTTY eases that task for you. Every time you open a server, it automatically logs in. This saves you the precious minutes that go in the login procedure of configuring a server. To enable this to happen, you need to switch to automatic mode.

MTPuTTy Free Tabbed Add-On For Putty | ESX Virtualization
Download for Windows

Multi-Protocol Support
It doesn’t matter what network protocol you are established on. MtPuTTY bears no prejudice between them. You can run multiple servers on SSH, Telnet, RAW and other PuTTY protocols. Control your servers at your sweet leisurely pace. Change command line parameters and PuTTY configuration settings on different servers.

Simple User Interface
It may sound complex, having multiple instances running at the same time but truthfully, it is very simple. The only difference between PuTTY and MtPuTTY is in the number of servers that are allowed to run simultaneously. Rest of the features run the same. Its simple interface requires no tutorials to go through. For a developer who frequents secure shells, MtPuTTY will be extremely satisfying to use.

How To Download On PC

To download MtPutty on your PC, follow the instructions below.

  1. Firstly, visit the link This is the official site of MtPuTTY thereby providing a safe and reliable download link. 
  2. When the site opens, you will see two options on your screen: you can install either a portable MtPuTTY or a non-portable MtPuTTY. Choose your option by pressing either one of the download buttons.
  3. Once you do, an .exe file is downloaded to your system. Make sure your antivirus is disabled so you can run it.
  4. Follow through with the installation instructions in the setup window that pops up. 
  5. In another few minutes, MtPuTTY will download on your PC.

Note: Unfortunately, MtPuTTY isn’t available for download on Mac OS. If you are still keen on downloading it on your Macbook, there are alternate softwares you can use. Check out the link below to go through them:

Download for Windows,using%20the%20secure%20SSH%20protocol.

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