It becomes crucial to monitor system status so as to keep track of its performance. This system can belong to both your mobile devices and your computer. Regardless of which system it is, you get a clear picture of how its working and account for the possible shortcomings that occur in its inner structure. To be precise, you get to control the very component that controls your device, the motherboard. This is exactly the power MSI Control Centre embellishes you with.

It lets you monitor the CPU performance by tinkering with the motherboard, adjusting memory settings and much more. Your device acts as a controller of sorts. If you install it on your phone, then you get a remote system controller. And if you install it on your computer, then you get an inbuilt controller. Either way, the system’s motherboard hands you the reins. You become a puppet master, controlling your dummy machine with the reins given to you.

FULL NAME:MSI Control Centre

Key Features Of MSI Control Centre

Manipulate CPU Settings

Since you have control over the system, you have control over the CPU too. Being that it is the brain of the computer, extra care must be taken to ensure that it is working properly. Provide this care for your PC by tampering with the CPU ratio and Base Clock controls. If you are not sure how that works, then at least play around with the CPU fan. Switch it to smart mode so it can alter its speed according to the load being processed by the CPU.

Boost Your Games

The Control Centre comes with a fun feature to boost game speed. Since you are technically controlling your processor, you can control its overclocking features.  The game boost button on the motherboard needn’t be pressed any more. Instead, you can press the button from the controller app. To further the game speed’s control, you can switch between software and hardware to keep the processor working in a smooth flow.

How To Download On System

MSI Global

Since MSI Control Centre is available in the Play Store, you can run it on desktop using something called Android Emulators. The job of an android emulator is to run mobile applications in a computer system. Irrespective of the OS, android emulators will run any mobile application you want to run on your consoles.

Download on PC

The emulator we will be using here is called Bluestacks.

  1. Download the emulator from its official site Wait a few minutes for it to finish downloading.
  2. In the Bluestacks’ home screen, you will find Play Store pre-installed. Click it open and sign into Google.
  3. Type the app’s name in the store’s search bar. From the search results, download the right one.
  4. MSI Control Centre is now installed on your PC console.

Download on Mac

The emulator we will be using here is called NoxPlayer.

  1. Download the emulator from its official site
  2. In the Nox home screen, you will find the Play Store pre-installed. Click it open and sign into Google.
  3. Search for your app in the store. When you find it, click it to initiate download.
  4. Soon, MSI Control Centre will be downloaded on your Mac console.

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