We have an exciting new media player in town and it goes by the name of MPlayer. It has a simple name and a simpler design. You take one look at the control panel and you will be deceived into believing it is a mediocre application. But like they say, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. MPlayer is anything but a mediocre media player. You will know when you start using it. It can process absolutely anything you play on it. Your audio/video file can have the most obscure format possible and MPlayer will still manage to play it. There is nothing it cannot load. It is one of the greatest media players you can have on your device, especially if you are one of those who get anxious with unknown codecs of your video/audio files.

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Key Features Of MPlayer

Massive Codec Support
MPlayer may look like your average video player at first glance. But when you begin to use it, you realise how versatile it is. You can throw videos of any format at it and it will play them effortlessly. The dull interface design shouldn’t throw you off because it supports over 192 video and 85 audio formats. 

Reduced Resources
For all its potential, MPlayer is surprisingly light on the system. It doesn’t take up much memory and its utilisation of system resources is quite low. It also has an extensive support system for keyboard shortcuts. You can personify MPlayer as that one quiet, bespectacled kid in your class. He may be plain-looking but he has got plenty of potential bottled inside.

How To Download It On PC

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Download for Windows

It is no surprise that we view videos more frequently on our PC than on our mobile devices. The tiny screens of our phones are not very appealing. Sure it is a given that we can lie around and hold the phone in any angle we want. But it doesn’t maximise viewing pleasure. The cherry on top can be laggy video players. We don’t want that. This is why we recommend you download MPlayer both on your phones and your systems. It doesn’t matter if it is a mobile exclusive app because we will show you how to download it on your PC/Macbooks using android emulators.

Using Bluestacks

The first emulator we will be using is the most prominent one in the market and it is called Bluestacks.

  1. You can download this application from its official website www.bluestacks.com
  2. After download finishes, you will find Play Store pre-installed on the Bluestacks’ home screen. Click it open.
  3. Search for MPlayer. It will ask you to sign into Google in order to access the store features so do it.
  4. Download MPlayer. To run it, you have to click on it from your Bluestacks’ home screen.

Using Nox

  1. This alternative to Bluestacks can be downloaded from www.bignox.com. Keep in mind, its interface is less user-friendly but it works just the same.
  2. When it runs, find play store pre-installed in it. Sign into Google as it asks you to.
  3. Type the app name in the search bar. Then click it to begin download.
  4. MPlayer can finally be configured on your PC/Mac.
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