There are tons of music player apps at our disposal. But how many of them really stand out? Are you tired of depending on music players that come with ads? Or are you tired of paying money to listen to songs? If you are wondering, then no, we aren’t trying to gaslight the likes of Spotify here. We just know how much ad-free music players mean to you. And so we decided to introduce you to Mp3 Juice.

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The name sounds corny but it is definitely a cut above the rest. It provides users with a massive song library harboured from various internet sources. You just have to type the name of the song and in the next click, it will be readily downloaded on your app. You can enjoy listening to your favourite tunes without annoying interruptions. Isn’t that cool? Any music player that plays songs without disturbances deserves a lot of appreciation.

Key Features Of Mp3 Juice

Automated Search Engine
The search engine comes with its inbuilt filters for genre, artist, album and title. It makes suggestions according to the keywords given and loads a whole list of songs in a blink of an eye. The data set embedded in Mp3 Juice is updated regularly to keep track of new music while also improving its collection of oldies. 

Impressive Quality
Every track enlisted in the database is enhanced greatly to provide maximum satisfaction to your ears. There are no grainy effects or ads wedged in the middle of songs. This brings bring unending joy to the users. To users who frequent Spotify or Amazon Music, you should give Mp3 juice a shot. Its interface may not be very dynamic but it is certainly efficient in its working.

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Download for Windows

How To Download It On PC

You can’t always download songs on your mobile devices and then transfer them to your PC. It becomes a tedious task in the long run. It is important to have a music running  app on your system too. If you are a fan of Mp3 Juice and its amazing features, then you can consider downloading it on PC. We will show you exactly how by using two Android emulating applications called Bluestacks and NoxPlayer.

Using Bluestacks

  1. You can easily install Bluestacks on your PC from the website
  2. It will launch immediately after installation completes. You will find the play store icon on its home screen. Click it open.
  3. After signing into Google, search for the app in the search bar. When you find it, click it to start download.
  4. When the download ends, your app will show on the Bluestacks’ home screen. Simply click on its icon to run it.

Using NoxPlayer

  1. This application can be downloaded from the website
  2. You will find the play store on the Nox home screen. Click it open.
  3. After signing into Google, type the name of your app in the search bar. Then click it to start the download.
  4. After a few minutes, Mp3 Juice will be accessible from your PC. Go on, start downloading your favourite songs!
Download for Windows

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