This application is undoubtedly a video editor’s best friend. Mp3 cutter allows you to trim, edit, cut or merge parts of a song with another song. It is basically a craftsman’s tool for all kinds of editors, specifically video editors. Suppose someone wants to remove parts of a song from a video. Using Mp3 cutter, he can edit the track according to his wishes and place it back into the video. It is the equivalent of ironing out the wrinkles on a dress until it is crisp again.

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Key Features Of Mp3 Cutter

SD Card Dependant
The app loads songs directly from your SD card. If there is a song online that you wish to edit, then you need to download it to your SD card first. The trimming and clippings you make of your music are safely stored in your card. They will be available for use in you other applications. You can choose to add it as background music for a video you are making, or you can merge it with other track. Anything you wish to do with your music, you can do so with Mp3 cutter.

Integrated Music Player
Mp3 cutter comes with its own music player. This helps users understand what song part needs to edited or trimmed. There are boxes for pinpointing the starting and ending positions of the selected song to an accuracy of milliseconds. This is an especially helpful feature if you want to clip fast paced songs.

Make It Your Own
You make the cuts and precisions to the song so naturally, the end product belongs to you. Also, you can use it as you like for your different needs. Moreover, you can even set it as your ringtone or make it your notification’s sound. Pretty cool right?

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How To Download It On PC

For an application as important as Mp3 Cutter, it is not available on Google Play Store. So we need to figure out how to download it on our smart phones before downloading it on our bigger devices.
With the presence of third party APK sites, you can download the app on your smart phones. Make sure you have an anti-virus installed before you do so. This helps you get rid of any malware that can come with the download. After it has installed on your phone, you can proceed with downloading the app on your PC/Macbooks using these two methods:

Download it using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a very efficient, easy-to-use Android emulator that lets you use your mobile apps on your PC. Let’s see how to obtain it on our system:

  1. There’s a site called which allows safe and free download of Bluestacks. Visit the site to do the same.
  2. Bluestacks will configure automatically after successful installation. It has play store pre-built. Open it and sign into Google as directed.
  3. Now, type ‘Mp3 cutter’ in the search bar. When you find it, click it for download.
  4. Mp3 Cutter gets downloaded on your system and is available for use.

Download it using Nox

Another emulator we will be using is Nox. 

  1. Download Nox from the site
  2. It comes pre-built with play store. When you open it, sign into Google as directed.
  3. Search for the app in the search bar and click it for download.
  4. Your app finally gets downloaded on your system.
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