There are several times when we are unable to play our audio and video files on our phones. There is only one reason for it; your media player doesn’t support the format. Often times, it frustrates us when we share videos from our Android phones and find they can’t be played on the Apple phones of our friends. We berate them for using Apple and they in turn ridicule us for using Android. It becomes a fuss about nothing. The solution is available on both platforms.

We just need to look up a certain application called Mp3 Converter. This software allows us to convert our files into various other formats. With this app on your phone, you needn’t worry about files not running on other phones. All you have to do is convert them into a suitable format. And there you have it, your file will open on any platform you choose. Mp3 converter doesn’t prejudice between iOS, Android or Windows. Its sole purpose is to run your files equally well on all platforms.

FULL NAME:Mp3 Converter
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Key Features Of Mp3 Converter

Range Of Formats

Since the essential job of this application is the conversion of your audio files, it makes sense that it supports a range of formats. You can convert your file to .flv, .wmv, .wav, .avi and any other output format that fits your purpose. Subsequently, you can edit the mp3 tag. It helps to differentiate between audio files having the same name but different formats. You can also extend the conversion into a chain. For example, first, you can convert your file to mp3, then to wmv, and then to avi. The conversion takes place so smoothly and efficiently that you won’t have to wait for more than a minute.

In-App Purchases

This application comes with its perks. If you buy the premium version, you can use the highly optimised batch mode. What is this you ask? Well, it enables you to convert multiple files into a single format in one go. That’s right, you don’t have to sit and convert files on by one. You can just group them into one batch and convert them in one sitting. It is a recipe for saving precious minutes. Premium subscription also allows you to download video/audio files in the highest quality possible. 

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How To Download It On PC

Download it using Bluestacks

  1. There’s this website called where you will find the direct link to download the Bluestacks app. Go ahead and find it.
  2. Immediately after downloading it, it will open. There is Play Store pre-installed in it. To access it, sign into Google first.
  3. Once you are done with that, search for the app. Tap on it to start the download.
  4. Mp3 Converter is downloaded on your PC in a few minutes. You can utilise its benefits from the comfort of your big screen.

Download it using NoxPlayer

  1. Another equally efficient emulator, NoxPlayer, can be easily downloaded from its website
  2. It will open automatically after successful download. Now find play store in its home screen and sign into Google to access it.
  3. Look up the app in its search bar. Once you find it, click it to start download.
  4. In a few minutes, Mp3 Converter will download on your system so you can enjoy its wholesome features.
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