Multiplayer games have been on the rise in recent times, as playing with your friends is truly a unique experience and brings about the best in what the game has to offer. But when you are looking into an open world hunting game, then there are several titles provide similar feature. But on title known as Monster World: Hunter is the one that you should look out for. 

The game revolves around the player hunting different monsters that revolve around the environment in the game universe. If you successfully capture a monster, then you are given various equipment, parts, and more to craft your new weapon and engage in capturing many powerful monsters. 

You can play with your friends alike through multiplayer or even go solo in monster hunting adventures. The game was developed and published by Capcom in 2018 for the platforms of Microsoft Windows, play station4, and Xbox One. 

Transmog Mod for Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World Transmog Mod
Monster Hunter World Transmog Mod

The game has its ups and downs, but then your characters could be the biggest let down. No doubt, you are given armor sets and much more. Even then, things might not seem significantly better in terms of appearance. Its where this mod comes handy and helpful. 

Transmog mod helps character sin get newer mods visible to other players and even get their attributes. Well, the attriThe is a mystery as the mod may/may not work most of the time. But then i are confident enough to try it, then go for it. 

There is an array of armors to choose from, and each one comes with its own p and attributes that helps you in your monster-hunting adventure. Though there are new armors added to the game through this mod, it does its job quite exquisitely.  

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