Multimedia plays a crucial role in our lives. However, to play them, there has to be some form of application or software that carries the task effectively.

FULL NAME:MKV Player for Windows

In the present generation, there are several multimedia player applications to choose from. But for a retro, classic feel while playing MP3 and MP4 content, the MKV player is the one to check out. 

What is an MKV Player?

For those that are looking for a simple and intuitive multimedia player that supports both audio and video playing capabilities, then the MKV player is for you. It is free software that has a straightforward design making it simple to use. But the primary reason for this player to exist is its ability to play MKV files that have subtitles incorporated into them. 

The software allows its users to create playlists to adhere to the desired mood, preference, etc. Comprising its usability factor in one screen, it’s quite straightforward to use.

Press “Ctrl + O” to open a. “MKV” file, “P” to pause “Q” to stop the playback, and “F” for a full-screen experience. The “right” and “left” arrow keys help in scrolling backward and forwards on a movie reel. And the spacebar is used for playing and pausing the media.  

MKV Player
MKV Player
Download for Windows

The file size is under 7MB which hardly takes up any space and runs on all Windows versions including Vista or higher. Unfortunately, there is no MKV player for macOS, but there are alternatives for this on the app store which are free. 

Key Features of MKV Player

Ease in Use

The application is free, to begin with. So, don’t expect any fancy features to be available. It was designed to carry out the simple tasks of playing any MKV files smoothly and that’s what it does. 

Media Player

An excellent media player that doesn’t require any additional plugins or downloads, this application is used for the sole purpose of playing MKV files. These files can be played from your file explorer based on the file type. 

Playlists Creation

One can create a playlist that comprises of videos and audio tracks in this software. Surprisingly, one can also scroll through the entire collection of MKV files that might be audio or video through the applications. It just takes two-three clicks in finding the desired media to play. 

Several Settings to Choose

There is a cluster of settings that you can choose for the application. All of which can be found from the drop-down menu. You can tweak settings such as delay in subtitle display, video speed adjustability, and so on. Having limited settings also ensures that it doesn’t have a massive toll on your system and is compatible with most Windows versions. 

Simple User Interface

The application undoubtedly has an interesting user interface. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much input when you are using it. Everything is present on a single window, and from the menu, you can open new files. You can use both keyboard and mouse to navigate through the application. 

How to Download and Install MKV Player on PC

Download for Windows

Download the Installation File 

While there is no dedicated website from where you can download this software, there are several third-party websites that host the installation file. Download it based on the version of the OS and the software. 

Install the Application

Once downloaded, open the downloaded file and begin the installation process. It doesn’t take much time and can be done in a few minutes. 

Start Using MKV 

After installation, the player would automatically start, and you can start playing your favorite MKV files at ease. 

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