If screen recording is useful for you, then Mirillis action is the right choice for you because it is one of the most popular screen recording and gameplay recording software, which gives you access to real-time recording of windows screen in super HD video quality. With this software’s help, you can record and stream your gameplay, or you can record web player videos, record music, capture screenshots, and add webcams, microphones, and much more.

FULL NAME:Mirillis Action

Mirillis Action gives an outstanding performance and GPU utilization, which provides you with the smoothest real-time HD gameplay recording you ever had. You could even display current and average game frame rate (FPS) while playing your game and save your benchmark results. You can record smooth and high frame rate HD videos of your computer screen and application activity, and you can add audio commentary.

The excellent features you create excellent tutorials without any difficulty and can record what you see. Not only this, the application lets you record videos from websites and other applications in just a blink of your eyes. It allows you to record videos from defined display regions, applications selected on windows, or full-screen mode. With the help of Mirillis’s action, you can record your videos from any web player. No matter which type of video service you are using, you can easily record the videos without any difficulty and fantastic HD quality.


Green screen mode:-This software gives you green screen mode, which provides you with the option to cut out the background while you are recording with your webcam from your video recording, and no special extra camera is needed to perform this task. All you need is Mirillis action.

Record webcam or USB/HDMI capture devices:- With this software, you need to select device recording mode to capture the video from gaming consoles, TV broadcasts, webcams, other PC, or cam recorder, and you can add your logo to it, webcams, microphones commentary and can easily record videos to your hard disk or stream live to most popular services.

Screen recording with selected application recording: – This is an excellent feature which gives you a new recording mode which allows you to record your computer screen with complete privacy means you can record only that application that you want to show to others and the rest of your desktop screen will be blacked out and will not be recorded on your video recording.

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Download for Windows

Record gameplay in HD: – This feature gives you excellent screen and gameplay recording performance and GPU utilization, which allows the smoothest real-time HD gameplay recording you would ever have to display your current and average game framerate (FPS) while playing the game and benchmark your result.

Outstanding screen recording: – Mirillis action gives a new standard of performance for any gameplay or desktop recording software, with the use of multicore optimization, ultra-fast mode, and much more altogether with a highly optimized engine provides you with the ultimate performance of real-time HD video recording and gives you the best results.


Step 1:- Open the browser of your choice and search for MIRILLIS ACTION.

Step 2:- From the search result, open its official site and click on download to start downloading.

Download for Windows

Step 3:- Once downloaded, open the folder where it is located and double-click on it.

Step 4:- An installation window will appear. Just click on install and follow the instructions given on your screen.

Step 5:- Finally, click on Finish to complete the installation.

Step 6:- Your software ready to use. Just open the icon created by MIRILLIS action.  

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