Mipony is an incredible software made for managing your downloads for file-hosting sites, file hosting is the best way to share large files online, but they are a significant headache to browse and extra click or waste time in checking back to see whether your download is finished so that you can start a new one. Still, you don’t need to worry because now you have Mipony to take care of all those pains. Mipony is a handy and straightforward download manager. It is specially designed for free hosting sites like Megaupload, Rapid share, Mediafire, File send, and many more.


Mipony is very simple to use. You need to copy and paste the download link on Mipony software or turn on the program clipboard manager and sit back. In contrast, your file downloads one by one in the fastest way possible. You can even use the programs built in the browser, or you can copy and paste the web address, and Mipony will automatically scan it in search of download links given. 

Mipony automatically checks the download link before downloading to make sure that they work and waits if necessary and then starts downloading the file. If the download is divided into parts, it will also let you access them. Mipony gives you access to the configuration settings so that you can limit your downloading speed and number of downloads at the same time so that you’re your internet connection is not jammed. You can even use Mipony with the premium accounts on some of the supported hosting sites.

So if you want to accelerate or optimize your downloading, you can have the best experience with Mipony, the only thing you need to do is add the links to the downloads, and Mipony will take care of the rest like avoiding restrictions, detecting the origin and downloading it on your computer system.


Download Mipony, the download manager

  • CONTINUOUS DOWNLOAD: – As you copy and paste the download link to the download list, your downloading will go on even if you navigate or close the downloaded files. The downloading will again start as soon as you open the program from where you left. You can control the number of downloads simultaneously, and the downloading will carry on even if the downloading file is divided into parts as the app has options to join the downloaded files.
  • DOWNLOAD ATTEMPTS: – It’s a handy feature as sometimes the files show an error while downloading. The app will make sure to make all the necessary attempts automatically until and unless your file downloads.
  • BROWSER: – It has got an embedded browser in it from where you can detect the download links. The database automatically updates so that it can continuously add up new sites to the supported websites.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: – Mipony has got a web interface to control it remotely. With the help of a web interface, you view or manipulate the downloaded files because the web interface is designed for both PC and smartphones.


Step 1:- Open the browser of your choice and search for MIPONY.

Step 2:- Open its official site and click on download to start downloading.

Step 3:- Once downloaded, open the folder where the file is located and double-click on the file.

Step 4:- An installation window will appear. Click on install.

Step 5:- Follow the steps given on the screen and finally click on finish.

Step 6:- Your software downloads, open the icon created by MIPONY and start downloading.

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