Microsoft Project is easy to use. This software tool is not for the beginner’s project manager. It is an advanced high-level tool basically for the corporate level for complex projects. The team members will have to take plenty of training to get the most out of it. It’s the most leading software in Project Management.

FULL NAME:Microsoft Project

It’s designed to help a project manager in forming a schedule, allocating resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and examining workloads. Microsoft software was the company’s third Microsoft Windows-based application. It became the dominant PC based project management software within a few years after its launch. Though it belongs to the Microsoft Office family, it’s not included in any office suites. It is available in 2 editions Standard and Professional.


Many useful features of Microsoft Project make our work fruitful. The following important once are-

  • Planning and Scheduling– Planning and scheduling are the most critical stages of project management. They can either make or break the whole thing as they form the backbone of the entire project. It ensures accurate project management by utilizing the following-
  • Prioritization– It eliminates surprises and helps you to prioritize project tasks. Permit’s your team to focus on the most important matters first.
  • Task management– Permits project managers to explore the activities involved in the project and decide how they should be allocated to different members.
  • Team calendar– For upcoming meetings and events, your team members will get notifications. For more efficient workflow Microsoft synchronizes their work schedules.
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  • Project Timeline View– This is one of the best features if you want to keep everything in one place and keep all schedules synced. You can make formatting changes to add value to the timeline view. Various other projects can be adjusted, tasks can be aligned, and the colours can be changed of project phases. Just right click on the taskbar and select the option to add it.
  • Collaboration– Each activity involves lots of people as it is an essential part of any project. You would like to connect on a common platform and easily share information. Collaboration makes three things easy file sharing, team dashboard, and sharing client data.
  • Reporting– Reporting is one of the essential steps in tracking the progress of a project. It monitors how much work is completed and how much is left. With little effort Microsoft Project allows you to generate great reports. 
  • Resource Management– When it comes to managing project resources and availability Microsoft Project offers project managers a great deal of flexibility. The team members involved, meeting, workrooms, and raw materials resources for a project could be monetary. Complete your tasks as your project comes by creating a pool of resources.

How to download and install Microsoft Project on PC-

Step-1 Open your internet browser like Chrome.

Step-2 Search for Microsoft project and Click the Download button.

Step-3 Download will start automatically. Wait for the download to complete.

Step-4 Open the downloaded setup taskbar ‘Run as Administrator.’ Wait for setup extraction; it may take time to get downloaded.

Step-5 Press’ ENG’ to select the English language.

Step-6 Select ‘project’ and click ‘Start Installation.’

Step-7 Click ‘Install Now’ for the default installation.

Step-8 Now, wait for the installation to complete.

Step-9 Close the setup. Go to Start and search for ‘Microsoft Project.

Step-10 Right-click and select ‘Open file location’, Right-click’ Microsoft Project’ and select ‘send to’ desktop

Step-11 Open the ‘Microsoft Project’ shortcut.

Step-12 First time start may be slow. Now you can use Microsoft Project.

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