Metroid Prime is a computer game that was developed for GameCube by Retro Studios and published by Nintendo. This is an action and adventure game that is also the fifth instalment in the Metroid series. Metroid Prime became the first game in the series to use 3D computer graphics. The game became the best selling game all around the world and was considered to be the first part out of the three parts from the Prime storyline.

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The game’s storyline is based on a hunter named Samus Aran. He defeated the space pirates and exterminated the parasites known as Metroid. He even defeated mother Brian. So, now the pirates hope to seek revenge and Samus Aran has to find a way to get rid of these pirates.

The main objective of the game is to solve the puzzles and uncover secrets using different abilities like jumping, and shooting. Metroid Prime is the first game in these series to use the first-person view in the game which offers a great perspective to the users. In the game, the player has to travel through the world to search for twelve special artifacts that will help the player to open the path to the crater. The player should also collect power-ups and items like the Varia Suit that allows the player to enter hot regions while protecting the armor against heat. The payers cannot go to some of the areas until they find a Beam to open the doors or they can access it after beating the bosses.

Features of Metroid Prime are as follows:

New play control:

The game was released in early 2009 in Japan. GameCube had even updated the graphics of the game and improved it a lot. Even Wii controls were added that were similar to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Gameplay was also changed by adding the Spring Ball which eliminates the need for a morph Ball. The game even featured voice acting and supported 16:9 widescreen to provide an enhanced experience to the gamers.

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Different items:

In this game, players have to search for the items and collect them to improve the player’s suit and weapons. The items have the ability to upgrade the player’s Power Suit. Items like Morph Ball allow the player to go into narrow passages and drop energy bombs, and items like the Grapple Beam like a grappling hook by latching onto hooks known as grapple nodes to allow the player to swing across them.


In Metroid Prime, the player does not start with power-ups. Although they are equipped with certain upgrades during the start of the game, it gets all lost after an explosion in the Pirates ship. The player has various things to do before earning the power-ups.

How to download Metroid Prime for GameCube:

You can download and play Metroid Prime on your pc, phone, android, mac, and tablets using GameCube.

Download for Windows
  1. First, download the Metroid Prime ROM from the ROM download site.
  2. Check if you have the GameCube emulator installed. If not, first install the emulator.
  3. Then, check for the system requirements and operating system on your pc.
  4. Go to the official site and search for the link to download Metroid Prime.
  5. Get the compact download launcher and then click on the link or the download button to start downloading the file.
  6. Locate the file in your folder and click to start the installation.
  7. Once, the installation process is completed, launch and play Metroid Prime.

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