Whenever we talk about video or online games, we associate them with general genres related to action and fighting. All of us turn into warriors while playing video games and give in our best to defeat our competitors.

We like to adapt ourselves to various characters and then perform actions accordingly.

Metal Revolution is one such fighting and action game that is easily accessible. The game very easily blends into all the minimalistic controls so that the functioning of the game becomes easy.

The set comes with intense gameplay where robotic combatants beat the other players in the case of a cyberpunk world filled by neon.

The game a little does resemble the Rising Thunder in terms of its features and motives. The game is designed in such a way that it primarily aims to deliver a fighting game of the robot with a deep depth. In this game, one will not really have to memorise any of the combinations of the buttons to pull the moves.

All that the player will require will be in-depth knowledge of the game. Also, the game is a simple one. Hence, the player does not need to know in-depth knowledge and skills of the programming language; basic technical skills will

It also helps majorly.

The game has minimalistic controls, which signify that the newcomers will find it super easy to master the necessary guidelines, trips, and rules of the game. Also, in no time, they will get their hands fixed on the game and start enjoying it.

Once the players get experienced, they can even begin to use special combos to fight against the competitor. The game also has some unique and exclusive mechanisms for defence blocking.

This feature allows the player to counter the attacks of the opponent while indulging in the process of passive blocking.

The game Metal Revolution is a fighting game with smooth mechanics and is not really a button masher. This primarily means that the player will not have to memorise the different combinations of the buttons which the player ends up spending maximum time on.

Instead, the player then can focus on the critical high-level skills which are required to ace the fighting game, such as effective timing and ways of reacting to the attacks by the opponents. The game is a stunning look one, and the best part is that the entry to the barrier is shallow.

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