MEGAsync software is an official MEGA client for Windows. Megaupload Kim Dotcom founded it. Now it’s not associated with MegaSync anymore. It can be used to synchronize your files to the cloud and upload any file to your MEGA account.

Download for Windows

You can sync as many folders as much as you want. This makes it easy to directly upload any files you want to share. There is no limit on the number of folders that you upload at the very same time. Once you install the client on your system, it’ll automatically create a directory in your MEGA account and another on your PC, and from that time onwards, they’re going to be synchronized.

MEGAsync provides you with everything that you want to administer your MEGA account. It is the best alternative out there, as MEGA offers 50GB.

Key features-

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Download for Windows

1. Free Cloud storage Data of 50GB. Further, the storage can be extended with a paid subscription of 8.99£ per month. It provides end-to-end encryption, also known as zero-knowledge encryption.

2. MEGAsync is available on all the Operating Systems and platforms like MS Windows, Linux OS, Mac OS, and mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

3. There is a Selective synchronization Feature in it, and it is also available in a web browser.

4. It offers a native desktop client for Linux. Binaries are readily available to install. The file management system is comprehensive, and there is a separate tab for separate tasks like the ‘Recent’ tab for recent files and delete tab for deleted files.

5. Sharing Links are encrypted, too, along with password protection and expiry timing setups for the links provided. It also has a chat client.

6. Storage management tab is also there to view the statistics of data usage and timings.

7. It also has a feature to preview the files like documents, videos, images, and music. The right balance between features and simplicity and can run on any device.

8. Just like Dropbox (DB), MEGA sync allows dual-booting (e.g., Windows and Linux on a modest SSD) with a shared location (e.g., on a large internal HDD data drive). This dual boot setup is relatively standard, and MEGA offers a massive benefit as it avoids having duplicate files/folders on the same PC isolated to each OS. MEGAsync does not restrict the number of devices (only 3 in DB).

9. The secondary data drive must be NTFS formatted (readable by Linux and Windows and not subject to FAT time zone sync issues).

10. End to end encryption with RSA 2048-bit keys. HTML 5 designed Manager with many options of Cloud Storage Management is available. Sync any file/ folder from the computer to any other folder in the cloud with parallel synchronization. MEGA’s high-powered infrastructure makes transfer easy and secure.

How to download and install MEGAsync on PC/Mac:-

Step-1 Choose any web browser of your choice and search.

Step-2 Download the MEGASYNC installation file from the trusted link

Step-3 Click on Save /Save as to download the program. 

Step-4 As you select the save button, it will be saved in the download section.

Step-5 If you select Save as, you can choose where to save it, like your desktop computer.

Step-6 After downloading the MEGAsync, click the .exe file two times to running the installation process.

Step-7 Follow the instruction on windows for installation that appear until finished.

Step-8 On your Desktop, MEGAsync’s icon will appear.

Download for Windows

Step -9 Click on the icon to run the app into your windows ten pc/laptop.

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