This is a marvel of modern computer technology. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a software application created to teach touch typing. This program improves your typing efficiency, speed, and accuracy. During the training period, you will undergo a complete assessment. In late 1987 the typing program was released by Software Toolworks. Mavis Beacon is not an actual person. The first name was taken from lead vocalist for the staple singers. The surname Beacon was decided as it means ‘light to guide the way.’ Mavis Beacon, as a free typing teacher, is a reputable franchise in that field. Mavis has coped up with the new generation’s needs and also gained name and fame in the market. You can opt for about 430 personalized lessons.

FULL NAME:Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
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The lessons contain exercises and tasks in passages and classes related to literacy classics, historical autobiographies, and poetry. The exciting part of this software is it offers 16 arcade-style games. The games will improve your speed, accuracy, and rhythm. You have the option to select music of your choice or import an MP3 file. Typing can be done in different languages such as English, Spanish, and French. All the features are easy to use and user friendly with excellent graphics. After the completion of the tests, a certificate of achievement can be printed by the user.

Original Author – Norm Worthington ,Walt Bilofsky, Mike Duffy

Developer– The Software Toolworks

Operating System– Mac OS, Windows 

Key Features

•Success-based approach: According to users’ plan and schedule, structured learning is planned.

• Mentions 3 types of instructions in voice, videos, and animated graphics.

• Users decide their pace and choose their path of learning.

• 12 interface themes and several options related to age, personal needs, and learning style are available.

• Typing tests and more than 100 skill checks. The program continually tracks the user’s words per minute typing speed. Buy Encore 8014398 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 18 Online at Low  Prices in India | Encore Reviews & Ratings
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• Many fascinating videos introduce typing activities and demonstrate proper stretch break techniques.

• Some tips for improvement based on unique typing pattern assessments.

• 20-minute sessions, which are short and bite-sized, containing sequence lessons and skill development activities.

• To demonstrate correct posture and typing techniques, excellent 3D graphics are available.

• More Information Resource: gives essential information on proper body posture, tips for avoiding repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), typing actions, enrichment ideas, additional in-depth concepts, and more. 

• User-friendly system for any age group from 8 to 88.

• Engineered for all current Mac computers. The first edition was published by software Mackiev under the Broderbund trademark. It consists of 2players competitive typing network games, integration with iTunes.

How to download and Introduce Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing on PC

Step-1 As an administrator, log in to the workstation.

Step-2 Close all windows and go to the desktop.

Step-3 Insert the CD into the CD ROM Drive.

Step-4 To explore, double click on My Computer, then right-click on CD ROM Drive.

Step-5 To display the content, double click on the setup folder.

Step-6 For installation, double click the setup icon.

Step-7 Respond to the onscreen pop-ups to complete the installation.

After the installation finishes, the program starts automatically.

How to download and install Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing on Mac-

Download for Windows

Step-1 Log-in as a controller in the workstation.

Step -2 Shut down all windows and return to the desktop.

Step-3 As you insert the Mavis Beacon CD in the drive, the content will display on the screen.

Step-4 Double click on the Mavis Beacon icon.

Step-5 The installation option will appear.

Step-6 Click on the installation button; the installation process completes.

Step-7 To exit the installer, click on Quit.

Step-8 Launch and use the Mavis Beacon software app.

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