One of the best game series ever to be made has to be Mass Effect. The series is quite intuitive and gives players more than what they could ask for. Though based in an intergalactic warfare scenario, it’s quite cumbersome and helps players dive more in-depth into battle and war. 

The story revolves around your characters whose primary goal is to stop extra-terrestrial invaders known as reapers from destroying the galaxy. You have to form a team of other soldiers to stop them in their tracks. Quite compulsive and entertainment at the same time when you combine it with discrete graphics and much better physics as well. 

The game was developed by Bio ware in addition to other developers and published by Microsoft game studios. It was released back in 2017 for several platforms such as Xbox 360, play station 4, Microsoft windows, and more. 

What are Mods?

Mods are additional discrete elements that players can use to incorporate into their game. It helps in modifying the game to a bit and provides users with a whole new gameplay features. There are different mods for everything, and utilizing them might give you a whole new perspective of how the game would be played. 

List of Mods for Mass Effect 

  • Faster Elevators

Though it might sound silly at first, the amount of time you spend travelling between one point to another is relatively high. Thus, the mod comes handy in reducing those times and increasing the rate of travel from one destination to another. Not all travelling speeds are altered, but it’s a small change that gives away crucial differences in how players can play the game. 

Faster Elevators Mod
Faster Elevators Mod
  • ME1 Recalibrated

The entire motive of the mod is to recorrect all the bugs and other errors that the game comprised with. All the cut scenes hoots, videos displays and more are corrected to make the final representation of the game much appalling and presentable indeed. 

ME1 Recalibrated Mod
ME1 Recalibrated Mod

The full form stands for mass effect updated/improved textures mod that helps in improving the overall appearance of characters. As the name suggests, it’s quite an overhaul for the characters that appear more pronounced and true to life. Also, it would depend on your graphic card for this mod to show what it truly is. 

  • Nerd Visual

For those that are looking to make their overall gameplay and visual more appealing? Then this mod is for you. It helps in elevating the textures, shades and lighting features of the game to make it immersive and ensure that every detail of the game is showcased adequately with precision fit appearance.  

  • Mouse Fix

Well, games at times start to act fishy where any inputs from the external devices fail to be registered. Its where this fix comes into picture which helps in fixing the mouse problem in the game. It’s a long-held problem but through this mod, everything runs smoothly and swiftly as well.  

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