Mario birthday celebration 4 (eastern: マリオパーティfour, Hepburn: Mario pātī fō) is an online party game developed via Hudson tender and posted by way of Nintendo for the Gamecube. The fourth instalment in the Mario birthday party series, it changed into first launched in the north the USA in October 2002, followed utilizing Japan and Europe a month later. 

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Like preceding video games in the collection, it functions eight playable characters: Mario, Luigi, princess peach, Yoshi, Wario, donkey kong, princess daisy, and Waluigi from the Mario series, which can be directed as characters on 6 themed game forums. The goal is to earn as many stars as viable, which might be acquired by buying from a single predefined space on the sports board. Each individual’s movement is decided by using a roll of a die, with a roll from each participant forming an unmarried flip. 

Each turn is followed by using a minigame in which characters compete for coins they can use to purchase items and stars. Mario birthday celebration 4 became met with favorable reception, even though there were several court cases regarding a lack of originality and gradual pacing for the duration of games. It received the circle of relatives game of the 12 months award at the interactive success awards of 2003 and turned into a way of Mario birthday celebration 5 in 2003.

Features of the game:

Proper game arch

One of the best things is that there is a lot of character arch present in this game. It is perfect gameplay to start your gaming sessions with. 

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Properly incidental gameplays

Many of the additions since Mario Party 3 are purely incidental. The general flow around the board is still relatively steady and balanced, but now you can pick up Mega or Mini Mushrooms to hasten or stifle your progress. 

A ton of mini games

Mega Mushrooms double your size, hand you an extra die per turn and let you swipe 10 coins from anyone unfortunate enough to be in your way. Mini Mushrooms do much the opposite, shrinking you and limiting you to die rolls of 1-5, but allowing you to fit through pipes, thus opening up some desirable short cuts around the board.

How to play it on your PC?

Download for Windows
  1. You need to go to the official site of Bluestacks and right from there, you will have to search for the game. 
  2. Right from there, you will have to open your Google account and right from there, you will have to make the account. 
  3. If you don’t have a Google account then you can always open a new one. You need to open a new account with your credentials and that means that you need to open it with your username and also with a password that keeps you safe. 
  4. And from there you will have to install or save the installation file on your PC. 
  5. Once you open the installation file you will have to open the file and from there, you will have to click onto the yes option. 
  6. Right when you click onto the yes option, you will download the file onto your PC and right from there, you will have can play. 
  7. But before the same, you will have to open your Google account for the next time as well. 

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