Manga is the name given to those addictive graphic novels produced in Japan. Their legacy has transcended over centuries. The earliest Manga dates back to as early as prehistoric times. Today, you will find masses of Manga fans in every part of the world. It continues to enthral audiences, both children and adults, with its vivid illustrations and fascinating stories. And what’s more, they have become super accessible through our phones. Manga Master App is one of those heavenly portals to Manga treasures. With this app, you can surf through countless catalogues of your favourite Japanese novels.

FULL NAME:Manga Master
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Key Features Of Manga Master

Extensive Library
Manga Master App is an aggregation of practically every manga ever made. With a convenient user interface, you can browse through endless copies with one swipe of your finger. They can be filtered by genre, word count and design. Internet connection isn’t a necessity when you want to read something. You can just download it beforehand and it will be available offline in all its graphical glory. As of this year, there is a whopping 40000 Manga available in its library. Manga fans will be on cloud nine!

Language Availability
The Manga fan base contains hordes of people from different countries. It is really amazing to see what a huge reach they have got. Keeping this in mind, the Manga Master App comes with plenty of language support. It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak English. You are bound to find your native language in the list they have. So you see, Manga isn’t just a Japanese sensation, it’s a global one.

Live Wallpapers
They serve you comics on a personalised platter. You can switch between themes, select your language, filter out your reading lists and even customise your background with live wallpapers. These can be selected from an exciting collection of live anime wallpapers that will bring the stars out in your eyes. There are anime videos to watch too when you are taking a breaking from all the reading. Manga Master App is sure to serve all your needs.

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How To Download It On PC

Any manga fan will know that the graphics are to die for. Due to the limited size of mobile screens, they cannot be wholly appreciated. This is why we recommend that you download the app on your PC and Macbooks. Two android emulators called Bluestacks and NoxPlayer will enable you to read your favourite manga series on big screens.

Download Using Bluestacks

  1. First, go to You will find a direct link to download the app from there.
  2. It will launch automatically after download completes. You will find play store in it.
  3. Search for Manga Master. Tap on it for download. It will take a few minutes.
  4. Finally, your Japanese books can be read from your PC/Macbook.

Download using Noxplayer

  1. The site called will let your download this android emulator.
  2. Like Bluestacks, this too will launch on its own. Go to its play store.
  3. Search for Manga Master in its search bar. When you find it, click it for installation.
  4. Your app will install on your PC. Now you can enjoy the magical world of Manga Master.
Download for Windows

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