MAME is the short form for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. The Emulator supports hundreds and thousands of classic arcade games but not all of them are playable. In the latest versions, MAME even absorbed a similar project called MESS (Multi Emulator Super System) which means it also becomes capable to play games for the classic game consoles.

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The emulator was the project made by Nicola Salmoria. First, it was known as Multi-Pac to preserve the Pacman game but the name was changed as more games were added. It is a free and open-source emulator released in 1996 that is specially designed to create the hardware of arcade games in software on modern computers and various other platforms. The basic motive of the emulator is to preserve gaming history by not allowing the games to be lost or forgotten.

Multiple arcade machine emulators is a command-line application where you will get a simple menu and when you open it you can select the games you want to play and even change the configuration. If in any case, you don’t like the default menu, the emulator offers you a few other options: MAMEUI port that is used to add a Windows user-interface to Mame.  MAME is even available as the Libretro core where you could also use RetroArch as the front-end.

Features of Multiple arcade machine emulators (MAME) is as follows:

Android emulator:

Android emulators provide you with visual and audio settings, cheat code support, frame skipping, and lots of other variables for virtual controls. There is even an autosave button that saves and uploads files automatically on your pc. There are even options for the users to change the language of the system, the design of the system, and the system name.


The architecture of MAME has improved a lot over the years. The emulator supports both the raster and vector displays and the multiple CPUs and their sound chips. MAME implemented a timer system to coordinate the synchronization between multiple CPU cores. The developers of the emulator have been instrumental in the reverse engineering of the encryption algorithms that were utilized in the arcade games. 

MAME emulates the golden age of arcade games
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Data of the game:

The game can be emulated using this emulator only when the original program code, graphics, and sound data is present. The data is mostly stored in read-only memory (ROMs) in arcade games but devices like cassette tapes, laserdiscs, and compact discs can also be used.  

Fast forward:

Multiple arcade machine emulators offer you a feature where you can use the fast forward function to increase the emulation of the game. This feature becomes very handy when you want to play games on your MAC.

How to download the Multiple Arcade Machine emulator on your PC:

There are two ways to download the Multiple Arcade Machine emulator on your pc. You can either download it from the app store or install it directly by downloading the APK of the emulator app. To Install the Emulator APK on Windows:

Download for Windows
  1. First, search for the APK to download the emulator. 
  2. Ensure that the site is safe and virus free. 
  3. Download the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator APK by clicking on the given link. 
  4. A notification pops up asking you to enable the unknown source installation. 
  5. Go to settings and privacy and tick the box of “Unknown source installations”.
  6. The installation process of emulator APK starts and will be downloaded in a few seconds.

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