Malwarebytes is an application known for aggressively crushing virus on your system. The slogan of this application is a powerful one: ‘Imagine a world without malware. We do.’  It erases any malware that is being nurtured in your system. Viruses are pesky computer programs. They will lodge inside your system without your knowledge and tamper dangerously with the system’s working. This can cause erratic reactions from your devices. You know you are in danger when the occasional screen blackouts occur and weird applications begin to show up on your device. With Malwarebytes, you needn’t have to worry about these unwanted guests. It will send the viruses scampering before they can sneak inside your device.

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Key Features Of Malwarebytes

Complete Disinfection
It offers real-time protection to your device. It performs ruthless scanning of your entire hard disk, making sure there is no trace of any malware. When it does find something, it completely eradicates it. It just doesn’t offer protection for your system but also provides a shield when you are surfing on the web. There is plenty of adware and ransomware that guise themselves as click bait on our browsers. Malwarebytes takes it upon itself to protect you from them. 

Privacy Audit
This application strictly supervises the information you share and the access privileges you may provide to other applications. This way, you come to know which application is tampering with your information and presenting you with virus riddled gifts in the form of downloads. You will know which software to get rid of with Malwarebytes in the picture.

 Easily Available
When we say easily available, we mean it can be downloaded without payment. A subscription offer comes inside the application, granting you with a shield for the entire year around. If you don’t choose to take it, then you only have protection for the 30 day trial period.  It is forever ad-free, whether you subscribe to it or not so that’s important.

How To Download It On PC

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Whenever you download applications from random sites, you put your PC at risk of being infected by viruses. There have been several instances of people downloading them on unsafe sites, only to have their systems infected before the antivirus can configure. This is why we believe you should take the emulator alternative. Using emulators, you can run mobile apps on PC consoles. Here are two such emulators at your service.

Using Bluestacks

  1. This emulator can be downloaded from the site
  2. Bluestacks will open after download and you will find play store pre-installed in it. Open it and sign into Google as it directs.
  3. After signing in, search for the app in the store’s search bar. Tap on it for download to begin.
  4. Your app will be installed on your PC in a short while.

Using Noxplayer

  1. You can download this emulator instead of Bluestacks from
  2. It will download in a few minutes and open on its own. Go directly to the play store in-built in it.
  3. Type your app’s name in the search bar and download it.
  4. Finally, your app is available for use on your system.
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