Magicjack is an app that works on VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). It allows users to make free calls to the US and Canada, an expensive affair if done through a traditional landline. Despite being released thirteen years ago, it continues to be in use today. It was one of the first VOIP apps of its kind, allowing users to connect to their loved ones abroad without money or time restrictions. In its initial days of existence, it had to be plugged into computer peripherals. But now with the advancement of technology, it works like any other virtual calling app. All you need is an account on Magicjack and an Internet Service Provider and you are good to go.

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Key Features Of Magicjack App

Standard Functioning
Magicjack is just like your mobile or landline device. Only difference is that you place international calls and not local ones. All for free of course. You can send and receive calls from your loved ones abroad. Magicjack App doesn’t use your valuable mobile carrier minutes. It has its own channel of unlimited talk time. Now you can make international calls without the underlying fear of your phone bills doubling in number.

Chat For Free
With Magicjack App, you can send texts to US and Canada numbers. There are no charges for sending texts like your SMS. You can also use the voicemail option to send a recorded ‘message in a bottle’ across the miles. 

In the earlier days, Magicjack required a set up complete with US cable and computer. The era of wireless calling apps like Whatsapp and Skype hadn’t dawned upon us yet so we relied heavily on Magicjack to make vital calls. But now with Magicjack App, we no longer depend on our computers. We simply carry the app in our pocket and make international calls to anyone from anywhere.

How To Download It On PC

There are several sites from where you can download Magicjack for free. It is easier to place calls on PC’s large screen than it is on our mobile devices. However, we don’t recommend downloading Magicjack from random sites. We will show you an alternate method instead. This will ensure that Magicjack works effectively on your PC without bringing in malware.

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Download It Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a great android emulator and it is freely available for download. Here are the steps to install it on your PC/Mac.

  1. Visit the to download the app from there.
  2. After successfully downloading it, Bluestacks will open and you will find play store in its home screen. Click it and sign into Google as it directs you to.
  3. Now search for Magicjack in the search bar. Click it to start download.
  4. Yay! Now your Magicjack is available to place calls on PC.

Download It Using Nox

Noxplayer is another emulator with a less developed UX surface. It works as efficiently as Bluestacks though.

  1. Visit to download the app from there.
  2. Nox will launch after download completes. It has play store in it as well so sign in to Google to use it.
  3. Look up Magicjack. Click on it for download.
  4. Your virtual calling app is now accessible on your PC/Mac.
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