The Mabinogi- Fantasy Life is one of the best massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMO-RPG) that you can get nowadays. If you are bored with the ordinary things happening around you and you want to add some spice to your everyday gaming experience, then this game is made for you. This game is developed by devCAT studios and published by Nexon Korea. The settings of this game are based on Welsh Mythology. This game has a world of its own where you can do anything you want and connect to as many people as you want!

FULL NAME:Mabinogi-Fantasy Life

You can have an out of the world experience through this MMO-RPG. Except for the race of your character, you can add many changes including- changing the looks of your in-game character, their skillsets, age, items, title name and many more. This game is skill-based, and one can earn such through Ability Points (AP). This game gives you a real-life experience as you can have a friendly chat in it, sit around a campfire, share food with others, or do any other things that you can do in reality.  You can have so many real-life experiences in this game like- combat mode, worker (agriculturist, hunter, fisherman, artist, miner and whatnot), quests (hunting, collecting items, skill-based tasks, etc.), part-time jobs(limited time criteria), visiting dungeons along with other players and whatnot.

Key features of Mabinogi-Fantasy of Life

This game gives a fantasy-based real-life experience so that you can never get enough of it. Here are some of the features through which you will know the reason for this.


As this is a skill-based game, everything depends on the skills of one’s character. You can obtain skills through practice and AP (Ability Points).

Rebirth and age

Rebirth is one of the most remarkable features of this game. While making your character, you can choose from 3 races- human, elf and giant and can choose from age 10-17 depending on your preferences. The rebirth feature allows resetting the character’s level, age, appearances, gender without even forgetting the previously learned skills.

Mabinogi: Fantasy Life Gameplay Android (Open World MMORPG) #8 - YouTube

Tactical Combat System

Compared to other MMO-RPGs, Mabinogi’s combat system are more tactical where you will have to analyse the situation and work by it. This game’s combat system comprises of traditional melee combat approach (by using swords, shields and maces), a ranged combat approach (by using crossbows, long-bows, etc.), and a magical approach (different strengths and abilities of players).

Own time and climate

This feature is one of those which every RPG doesn’t contain. This game consists of its internal clock, which gives you more of real-life experience.  The passing of 36 minutes in the real world leads to passing 24 hours in the game.  Weather changes also occur in the game such as heavier or lighter cloud cover, rain, and thunder which can also affect some player’s skills.

Real like a fantasy life 

Now you can experience a real plus fantasy life experience through this game. Work in any profession you want and gain skills, along with other features including- agriculturist activities, artistic activities, marriage system, collecting items, etc.

How to get it on PC/Windows/Mac

Downloading this game is as simple as playing it. What you have to do to download it on your PC is written below-

  • First, you have to download an android app emulator (BlueStacks) on you PC/Mac if you don’t already have it.
  • Then, please sign-in to your Google account on the BlueStacks app (you will have to do it sooner or later).
  • After you complete done, search for Mabinogi-Fantasy life on the search bar at the top right corner.
  • When you’ve found the app, click on the download button and wait for it to install.
  • After the installation, you can change some settings of the game if you like, and then the app will appear on your home screen.

There you go! Enjoy your game without any interruptions and difficulties.

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