Detective games are quite the game when it comes to suspense and figuring out who the mystery person might be. But when you add on some adult imagery and make the playable character a hot detective, then things do get out of control. 


What is Lula 3D?

Lula is the main character of the game who also happens to be a pornography director in the game. Well, right before the shoot of a scene, her three main characters get kidnapped, and she’s put up to the tasks of finding them.  Throughout the game, she ventures across different locations and places where she comes across 50 other characters that may or may not lead her to those that are kidnapped. 

Lula herself is sexy in many ways but then bundled with the tension and detective-like gameplay; there are a lot of nude scenes, adult content and NSFW videos that might not suffice everyone. But then the game does a fine job in balancing out all the things showcased making the playing experience quite interesting indeed. 

Key features of the game

Lula 3D for Windows (2005) - MobyGames
  • Great gameplay. 

The entire story of the game is quite compelling, given that you keep the NSFW content aside. The story of finding out the kidnapped stars and finding them is undoubtedly new for games that belong to such genres. However, people playing this game should be aware of the NSFW content that might be flashed several times. 

  • Explicit character creation. 

Almost all the characters in the game are created with one primary intent in mind, and that is the sex appeal that is showcased. All the physics and the movements of characters are designed to provoke a realistic feel and make the game more lively indeed. 

Minimum system requirements. 

  • CPU – Pentium 4.2GHz. 
  • Storage – 2.5GB. 
  • RAM – 512 MB. 
  • Graphics card – GeForce 3. 

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Download the game. 

Get the game from any of the third-party sites and ensure that you get the correct version of the game based on your operating system. 

  • Install it. 

Once downloaded, open it and extract the files. Burn the image and install the file in the selected directory of the computer system. 

  • Enjoy. 

Play the game once it finishes installing successfully. 

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