is a powerful streaming application where one can stream live videos and like in a social media network setup can broadcast the video to all and any online friend available. This app comes from the developers of – the app that stuck with Gen Z.


Streamers can go live and create videos for their friends and followers. Here one can log in through Facebook or twitter as long as they are at least 13 years old or 18 years old. Everyday videos that define who you are or something that you are good at, if there is something that you want to showcase to the world this provides a platform for you. Audience engagement can be seen through likes, comments, and shares. Promotions will be done so that your content reaches a wide range of audiences. So express yourself and tell the world what you are good at or what sets you apart from others and create a following.

Key features of the application

1. Since we all know that uploading content does not always mean that it will be received equally by everyone. There are times when comments that can be hateful might be written but this app always tries to protect the content provider so warnings are generated to the viewers to not post anything hateful or mean.

2. Age restriction is there, especially so that explicit content cannot be accessed by just anyone. Features like parental control if wisely used can be really helpful.

3. This app also warns the creator not to reveal anything personal or secured and not to be disrespectful

4. On the circumstances of breaching respect, the creator can block that particular user and viewers can also report hurtful content

5. Since streams are not saved there are lower risks of leaking of date

6. Videos can be uploaded in high quality thus helping you express yourself better

How to download and install it on PC using Bluestacks 

Download Lively - MajorGeeks

1. One has to download and install Bluestacks from their website first.

2. And then to access the google play store on your PC Google sign-in completion will be needed.

3. Then from the search bar of the play store search for

4. Click on install and begin the installation process

5. Then click on the icon on your home screen to start playing the game

How to download it in PC using Nox

1. Nox player should be installed first on the PC  

2. And then after logging in from your google account access the play store

3. Search for Fruit and install it

4. Then open it and start playing

How to download it on mac

1. Visit the Nox player website and press “click here” to download it

2. Then launch the Nox and once your Google account is connected access the Play Store

3. Search for and download it4. Find it on your home screen and start playing

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