Android has proved time and again that it can perform various unique and versatile functions through emulation software. An example of emulation software is Limbo PC Emulator. This application is an open source virtual tech, it acts as a quick emulator port where one can emulate and run almost any software or application designed for other operating sources in android. To emulate software designed for PC in android this already is the best option. It recreates operating systems designed for Intel x86 OS like Linux, Debian, and many more and helps one access them on android phones or tablets, etc.

Download for Windows

To download these software requirements are you have to have android version 2.3 which is basic. It works by downloading the wanted operating system’s processed image in our device and control some difficult functions in a much simpler way with the provided interface.


1.   We can manage most of the operations either according to the controls of the device or according to the controls of the operating system. This setup allows us to control a virtual machine with a simple interface.

2.   It also allows us to operate by means of different connectivity systems such as a mouse or a keyboard as it supports the connections of various peripherals

Limbo - An Internet Darling, Spawning an Indie Revolution | Studio 35
Download for Windows

3.   One can always use it to set up audio or video in a more high tech and controlled way

4.   It also has options to alter your RAM or get a CPU of your own choice.  It allows the use of a high-quality graphics card and is basically capable of giving you a complete experience of a PC in your android device. With intel based CPU Limbo PC Emulator has the power of running smoother and with more power. With VNC such as MultiVNC or androidVNC  you can connect to external VNCs.

How to download and install it on PC using Bluestacks 

1. One has to download and install Bluestacks from their website first.

2. And then to access the google play store on your PC Google sign-in completion will be needed.

3. Then from the search bar of the play store search for limbo pc emulator

4. Click on install and begin the installation process

5. Then click on the limbo pc emulator icon on your home screen to start playing the game

How to download it in PC using Nox

1. Nox player should be installed first on the PC  

2. And then after logging in from your google account access the play store

3. Search for limbo pc emulator and install it

4. Then open it and start playing

Download for Windows

How to download it on mac

1. Visit the Nox player website and press “click here” to download it

2. Then launch the Nox and once your Google account is connected access the Play Store

3. Search for limbo pc emulator and download it on your device4. Find it on your home screen and start playing

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