Digital photo editing is no joke. You need the right tools encompassed in one utility package that serves all your needs. There is a thin line between professional editing and amateur editing; one that gets easily blurred in today’s fast-paced world. Anyone and everyone claim to be an editor these days. But in reality, the people who are truly passionate about photography understand the importance of good editing software. Lightzone was developed for such people.

FULL NAME:Lightzone

It is a professional photo editing software that doubles as a digital red room of sorts. It is the perfect starter’s kit for people who are just starting to venture into professional photography. Its stylish interface and impressive inbuilt features will win users over instantly. Yes, it is not at par with Adobe Lightroom’s versatility but it has its perks that suit users just fine. So if you are a beginner who is eager to skip the tutorials and start editing your photos right away, you should step into the Lightzone. It is the perfect editing solution to all your design queries.

Key Features Of Lightzone

Use of Raw Files
You are not required to change the RAW format of your digital photos into acceptable formats like JPEG or TIFF. You can use them as they are in Lightzone. Thus, the quality of the picture is never distorted.

Well Lit Workroom

Install LightZone 4.1.7 – A Digital Darkroom App on Linux – Linux Hint

When you step into Lightzone’s workroom, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the well positioned tool panels. You don’t have to scurry from one end of the screen to another to use the tools. Neither do you have to scratch your head to understand what each of them do. Lightzone is far less complex than its Adobe counterpart. A little practise with the editing tools will make you a pro in no time.

Less Memory Storage
It is surprising to know a software as multi-functional as Lightzone takes up little memory space in the CPU. Due to its lightweight, it runs smoothly on the processor.

How To Download On System

The trial version of Lightzone is downloadable from  This version can be installed in both Windows and Mac devices

Download on PC

  1. Go to to download the software. It hosts virus free download links for a multitude of softwares. To make your life easier, we have provided the softonic link for you:
  2. Click the ‘Download for Windows’ button. You will be directed to an external site via the link.
  3. Now click the ‘Download for Windows’ button here too. This time, the .exe file starts to download.
  4. Make sure your antivirus is switched off when you run this file. Follow through the instruction process until the end. And finally, Lightzone will be installed on your PC.

Download on Mac

  1. We will be using softonic here as well. Go to
  2. Click the ‘Download for Mac’ button. The .exe file begins to download.
  3. Run the file. Follow through the installation instructions until the end.
  4. Finally, Lightzone will install on Mac.

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