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FULL NAME:License Crawler

It is a very portable application. The main function of the application helps to scan your laptop or desktop for the registered and/or purchased software. The application is very small in size and it does not require a big chunk of your system’s space. The application is very easy to handle and anyone with minimal experience could handle it to solve the above-stated purpose. Similarly, the application can also be downloaded in a USB drive or any portable storage because it does not require any installation. This is one of the best features because of which the people prefer this over similar applications. The application is very easy to handle as you can simply drag and drop the application from your portable storage to the internal storage of your system. That is the reason why people say that you can carry the LicenseCrawler application in your pocket anywhere.

Features of the LicenseCrawler Application:

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  1. User-friendly interface: The interface of the application is very user friendly. It is not like any other software for which you need to google every time you want to perform a certain action. The interface will itself guide you through the required steps.

2)     Fact Action: The application requires only a brief scanning of your device. You need not to spend hours waiting for the application to complete the action. Once the application completes scanning, you can get the results for the product ID, type and name of the software you want to be installed in your system.

3)     Easy output: You might be wondering how much space does the result of the scanning requires? Well, the answer is almost nothing. The application returns a very simple text document which requires almost no extra scape on your device. You can make note of the product type and product ID and simply delete the file as when you want.

4)     Disable High-speed Scanning: If you are worried that the application, through its high-speed scanning, might be eating your power, you can always disable the high-speed scanning of the application.

How to Download the License Crawler Application on PC?

The application can be downloaded very easily from any online platform. You can download it through any downloading source or through apk. The download process does not require any signing into the account or making an account. The application can be downloaded on any device or even portable storage like USB drives. As stated above, the License Crawler Application is easy to handle and is compatible on any device whether your laptop or your desktop. The best feature about the application is that it does not require any installation, so you need not even worry about making room for the application on your device.

How to Download the License Crawler Application on Mac?

The latest version of the application can easily be downloaded on your MacBook. The download process is very simple and it is almost same as that of Windows PC.

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