Kritika: The White Knights are the most electrifying game you would have ever played, which will boost the adrenaline rush in your body presented by Gamevil; it has got fantastic combinations of skill moves which will make you feel like a perfect striker which you can play solo, or with your friends by moving your character and making your friends personality take charges, it has got the most refined character’s you would have come across with extraordinary moves which can’t be explained such as strike archer whose power can make you feel as Deadshot, steam walker whose kicks can break anyone down, the monk is an interesting character who can put down enemies with his evil powers, berserker whose rage can destroy any enemy in his way and many more. 

FULL NAME:Kritika: The White Knights
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Here you would experience the best graphics and fantastic control system, which would make you feel even more comfortable while playing; its pictures are that good that you can feel every strike on your hands. You can even grow pets that will protect you like your armor. Here you get an endless wave of monsters through which you can pierce your sword and become the ultimate champion and test your skills. You can play in the arena versus melee! It’s the best chance to work together and defeat the most powerful bosses in the world; if not so you can use the auto-battle feature to clear all stages, so enjoy the best experience of bloodshed through Kritika: The White Knights.


  • MACROS: – it is a feature that will provide you the power to skip the boring parts of the game and play the exciting role of the game with a slight movement of your finger.
  • REROLLING: – It’s an exciting feature through which you can summon the characters one by one until your favorite name arrives, and you are ready to fight.
  • ECO MODE: – You can lower your resource consumptions while playing Kritika, the white knight.
  • MULTI INSTANCE SYNC: – it is a quiet and exciting feature through which you can play the game in different instances and predict which move you should select; in short, you can see the future and change it.
Kritika: The White Knights Game Review
Download for Windows

Steps to download and install KRITIKA: THE WHITE KNIGHTS on PC / MAC by using BlueStacks:-

Step 1:- Download the BlueStacks website from Google on your device.

Step 2:- After installing the BlueStacks on your device, you sign in through your Google account.

Step 3:- Now, you can access the play store from BlueStacks by creating an account on it.

Step 4:- Now, you can search KRITIKA: THE WHITE KNIGHTS from the search bar.

Step 5:- Once you find the game, download it from the play store of BlueStacks.

Step 6:- Click on the install button.

Step 7:- Once you have installed it, enjoy the best life experience with Kritika: The White Knights.

Steps to download and install KRITIKA: THE WHITE KNIGHTS on PC/MAC by using NOX Player:-

Step 1:- Search the NOX Player website and download it on your device.

Step 2:- Once downloaded install it on your device by the list of instructions given and launch the site.

Step 3:- Sign in through a Google account to complete the above process to smoothly access the Google play store.

Download for Windows

Step 4:- If you already have the NOX Player website installed, ignore the above steps.

Steps 5:- After you launch the app, open the play store and search for the game “KRITIKA: THE WHITE KNIGHTS.”

Step 6:- Download the app from the play store.

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