The title is quite catchy, as the storyline is somewhat fascinating as well. The game revolves around your character who’s dad dies after a king raids his village, killing everyone except him. To seek revenge, he starts his journey from scratch with his end motive to kill the person that conducted the raid and bring justice to his father’s death. 

Though it might sound quite stale, the storyline bundled with gameplay makes the experience quite exciting and exhilarating. The graphics are well done, and it gives the player a whole new take to action role-playing games. 

The game was developed by Warehouse studios and published by Depp silverback in 2018. The platforms which received the games are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft windows. 

Save Mod for Kingdom Come Deliverance 

Kingdom Come Deliverance Save Mod
Kingdom Come Deliverance Save Mod

Mods do make life better in a game. Either by changing elements in the game or revamping the overall graphical outlay of the game. Though few mods do justice to the game, others are just fantasy additions by fans to elevate the game’s personalization to a certain degree. 

The save mod for the game is a life savior as the game doesn’t offer any saving options before you start a vital quest or if you are in the middle of it. If anything happens to you, then you start to from the last saved game point. The mod eradicates the problem by providing players to save the game as many times as possible. 

But one thing to keep in mind is that certain parts of the game where saving the game aren’t possible. So try to skip these places or save the game before entering these zones in the game. The mod works completely fine, and there are no lads or errors whatsoever

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