You are in the middle of an interesting conversation on Kik, with each beep it gets more and more intriguing. Just then your phone’s battery dies. That feels frustrating and your mood gets foiled.

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Not just the battery but even the screen was too small. After all, everyone knows that magnificent things are better presented in a larger than life manner. Nearly all of us waited in lines for the Endgame tickets, didn’t we?

The Messenger of Today – Kik

If you are a social media enthusiast or someone who likes to connect with new people, Kik is the right app for you. If you were already using it earlier, you better start now.

Kik is an instant messaging ‘mobile’ app, no, no longer. It is a Canadian app, but it is no longer confined to the small screens of your smartphones. With the advancement in the tech world, the minions have created what each one of us always desired. 

The app that was earlier confined to mobile can be run on laptops and desktops with the help of Android Emulators like BlueStacks and NoxPlayer.

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Key Features of Kik

Playing Kik on laptops and desktops has become possible. The Android Emulators let you run multiple accounts at the same time from a single screen. The user interface is extremely friendly. There will be no problems that you will face as the app will run smoothly.

Kik supports Android 4.1 and any later version. It also supports iOS 8.1 or any later version. Don’t be perplexed by the word ‘playing’. Kik is a messaging app but it is no less fun than a game, it is a game that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Download for Windows

Steps for Downloading and Installing Kik on Your PC Using Android Emulator –  BlueStacks

  • The first step will be the download and installation of BlueStacks. It is very simple, just go to the Play Store and download the app on your PC.
  • Download the APK file if you don’t already have it. If you do then just drag it and drop it into the BlueStacks app.
  • After the BlueStacks app is downloaded and installed along with the APK file, open the app and search for Kik.
  • When you find the Kik app, download and install it. 

Steps for Downloading and Installing Kik on Your PC Using Android Emulator – NoxPlayer

  • Download and install the NoxPlayer on your PC.
  • Drag the APK file present in your PC to the Emulator and drop it.
  • The file manager will appear, after that click under the file sign on the XXX button.
  • The previous step will install the APK file from your PC to the NoxPlayer.
  • Search for the Kik app in the search bar. Then click on it to download and install the app.

Steps for Downloading and Installing Kik on Your Mac 

Take a minute to view the guidelines for downloading and installing Kik on your Mac.

  • Download BlueStacks App on your Mac. 
  • Then login in the BlueStacks app with your Play Store Id. if you don’t have one then make it.
  • Download Kik APK and save it on your Mac.
  • Then download the APK file into BlueStacks. Followed by the installation of the Kik app on BlueStacks.

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