Move over Microsoft PowerPoint! There is a new presentation builder in town. Keynote is by far, the best presentation app you will ever come across. By the power of tapping, you can create world class presentations from scratch on your mobile devices. It comes inbuilt with animated charts and transitions for your viewing pleasure. It was developed as part of Apple Inc’s productivity suite in 2003. Since then, it has become the most efficient presentation builder available on mobile. It was created primarily for iPhone, iPad and Mac users but Windows users can access it too using iCloud. What makes Keynote so powerful you ask? Well, here are some of its most rewarding features so you can see for yourself.


Key Features Of Keynote

Get Started Easily
There are several Apple-designed themes for you to choose from so you save time. These beautiful themes will give your presentation a cinematic touch, no matter what content you add in. Using the slide navigator, you can scroll through your slides and change layouts, fonts and animations. You will be overwhelmed by the number of options provided to you. Design your presentation in a couple of minutes. It will still come out to be a masterpiece.

Access At Your Convenience
If you are having troubling sharing your presentation through iCloud, you can export it to Microsoft Powerpoint or as a movie format instead. Rest assured, you shouldn’t stumble into such loopholes. The iCloud makes it super easy for you to access your presentation on any platform you choose. All you need to have is stable internet connection.

How to Use Apple Keynote (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) - Envato Tuts+ Business  Tutorials

Stun Your Audience
Before you present it to your audience, you can rehearse your presentation. Perfect your gestures to the movement of slides and time yourself accordingly. An Apple Pencil can be used to highlight key points from your presentation. Then present your work to your peers by sharing the iCloud link. Marvel them with your beautiful presentation.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/10, Mac OSx10.9

CPU Processor: Intel x64 bit processor, 500 MHz or faster

RAM Memory: 512 MB

Available Storage Space: 1.2 GB

How To Download It On PC

There are only two things you require to run Apple Keynote on Windows enabled computers. They are a modern web browser and a good Internet connection. You have to open your browser and log into Apple’s version of Google Docs, i.e. iWork. This Apple application can be accessed by users from any platform provided they have broadband connection.  Let us now go through the steps you need to follow once you open iCloud:

  1. Create an account on iCloud if you haven’t used it before. If you already have an account, then simply log in.
  2. After logging in, you will find the Keynote icon on the start screen. Click on it to create a new Keynote file.
  3. Go about creating your Keynote file using the innumerable options given to you. 
  4. Once you are satisfied, save your file on iCloud. File sizes can be upto 1GB and they can be both shared and printed. Save them to your local hard disk for later use.
  5.  Great work! You just created your first Keynote presentation on Windows

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