The security of your personal information is essential. Often you wonder if someone has used your PC while you were not present. Yes, you have password security for every single device, but you always feel vulnerable. ID and password are just some words and numbers. Anyone can access your account if they somehow came to know about your id and password. Your PC will never know, the person operating is you or some imposter. Either facial or voice recognition can only solve this kind of problem.


KeyLemon is one such software that ensures the person behind the screen using your PC is you by simple face or voice recognition. This software monitors daily changes on your face. It changes the reference face daily so that there is no mistake during the beginning unlock process. Not only KeyLemon unlocks your account, recognizing your face, but also it will automatically lock your account as you stop working on your device. If someone tries to unlock your device in your absence, it takes their picture for you to see it later, who was trying to get in your PC while you were not present.

KeyLemon software protects your PC from any outside threat. It has a very secure firewall, which is impossible to break into by any hacker. So if you are using this software, you can be confident that any hacker will never breach your PC. No one will be able to access your account while you are not present.

KeyLemon – Face Recognition Technology

System Requirements:-

  • Intel Core Processor (core 2 duo (64-bit capable))
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 MB hard drive space
  • Integrated webcam (laptop) or USB webcam 
  • For voice recognition microphone should be present
  • Internet connection for recognition


  • TRANSPARENT:- KeyLemon software continually runs in the background while you are using your PC or not. It automatically recognizes your face and logs in to your account. While you are working on your PC, this software goes into a loop. This software keeps checking the user’s face at regular intervals to ensure the user has not changed. As soon as the software encounters any user change, it automatically locks the currently running account.
  • TOUCHLESS: – As KeyLemon software uses either facial or vocal recognition for unlocking accounts, it eliminates any possibility of physical contact.
  • SAFE: – With advance facial and voice recognition, your account can be accessed by you and no one else. When you are using your id and password to access your account, someone was there with you. You often felt that your security is being jeopardized. You don’t know what the person will do in your absence. By this biometric technology, we can be assured that no one can log in to your PC except you.
  • MULTIPLE LOGIN: – If numerous users are using your PC, this KeyLemon software can create multiple user accounts. Every user will have a personal account that will not be accessed to the other user of the PC, Thus keeping every user’s personal information safe from the others.
  • INTRUDERS: – KeyLemon takes a picture of any intruder who tries to access your account. Later you can see photos of that intruder and take the necessary steps.


Step 1:- Download the apk file from the home page of the KeyLemon site.

Step 2:- Open the downloaded apk life; an installer window will appear on the screen.

Step 3:- Read every single instruction on the window carefully, and after that, click on install.

Step 4:-After the installation, over-click on KeyLemon’s icon and use the software.

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