There are very few games in the world that offer the players to do whatever they want. As
in be whoever they wish to be. But then there is one game where players can choose a wide array of things they can do and execute.

Kenshi is an open-world game that lets users be/do whatsoever they wish to do. The game primarily focuses on the sandbox gameplay, where the freedom of doing whatever they want is exercised rather than focusing more on the linear storyline. Players have the option to be traders, thieves, myriad, and much more.

The game was developed and published by Lo-Fi games in 2018 for the Microsoft Windows platform. It’s a single-player role-playing game that has been appraised critically by reviewers and games alike.

Kenshi Mod
Kenshi Mod

Nude Mod for Kenshi

Mods help in making the gameplay better and add upon different things in the game. Thus making the overall gameplay interface quite different and stable as well. But here, we will discuss one particular mod that addresses broadly towards the adult content side of things.

Kenshi nude mod is the mod that does exactly what the name suggests. It eliminates the
availability of cloths on the characters and the NPCs. But then beware as the male nudity
though this mod is quite bizarre as the texture on the private parts of males isn’t
appropriately done by the mod developer.

But then for the other female characters, it’s done adequality better and does offer a
realistic feel towards the game indeed.

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