KakaoTalk has around more than 150+ million users, positioning this app amongst the most popular and most used messaging app, though less popular than WhatsApp which has more than a billion users worldwide. The user base is quite minimal outside Korea. The best thing about this app is that it is available in 15 languages, supports both the PC and smartphones. Users can do unlimited voice calls and messages without worrying about any additional charges applied to them. 

FULL NAME:KakaoTalk for Windows

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What is KakaoTalk?

Developed by Kakao Corp, this app is a communication tool for users who use either smartphones or PC. This app is also known as KaTalk. Free voice calls and video calling along with instant messaging are offered by this application. Using this app users can share their location details with other people. Like other messaging apps like Instagram, LINE, this app doesn’t require any username for any identification purpose. It relies on users with mobile phone numbers. 

Recent updates to KakaoTalk have included access to direct content such as games and music. In some countries, users can make payments with KakaoBank, which follow the laws and regulation in accordance with Business Korea. Using this feature users can make payments to their friends without needing any bank account. In other countries, this app has a wide variety of usages which include booking hotels and making restaurant reservations, photos can be sent easily, also videos and voice messages, and also the location can be shared easily. 

The app doesn’t have any banner ads.  And the data is secured and encrypted. Also, free conference call can be made using the VoiceTalk feature. The actual reason why this app is so popular is that this app has a user-friendly design and it creates an all-in-one app ecosystem. 

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List of Features of KakaoTalk

Plus Friend: – Users can receive access to multiple media such as audio, video, and more from people and celebrities who they add as their friend. 

Contacts Management: – Using this feature, the app integrates users’ contact lists and adds those people as your friend who is in your contact list and to chat sessions once they are online. Also, users can edit their favorite friend list. Users can also view their friends’ profiles easily. 

Audio and Graphics Elements: – Different and funny voice filters are provided by this app which users can apply in their voice call. Different animations are provided for messaging which makes this feature quite interesting to use. 

Sharing: – This app allows its users’ to share images, audio, links, contact, information, and voice messages. 

Unlimited Friends: – There’s no limit to the number of friends you can have in group chat and users can add friends to this group at any time without any restriction. 

Languages Support: – The best feature of this software is that it is available in 15 different languages.  

How to Download and Install KakaoTalk for Windows 

Download for Windows
  • Users can download the software from its official site. Navigate the site for the download link. Click on the download link to start the download of Windows or Mac installer of KakaoTalk.
  • Follow the instruction to complete the installation. Click Finish to complete the installation. Double click on the exe file either on the desktop or the location where you installed the application. Now your application will run.  

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