Photo editing is no child’s play. Even professionals need years of experience to master the art and enhance their editing skills.

But if you are one of those people that wish to step into the world of photo editing, then there is an application for you. Nothing fancy or filter rich; a plain software setting you in the right journey in the editing universe. 

FULL NAME:Jpegcrop for Windows
Download for Windows

What is Jpegcrop?

Processing JPEG images without losing its resolutions is where jpegcrop comes to picture. With its light editing features and simple user interface, it’s the stepping stone in the right direction for a person learning to edit photos. 

Using this software can enable a person to flip, crop, rotate, edit, filter images as per their will and wish. Though the quality is not compromised, the software does an amazing job of saving the image in different image sizes. 

All the operation performed on jpegcrop are done without the need of recompressions. The software is blazing fast and open files at the same rate. With the help of a tool bar, execute your favorite edits and save them in any format. 

Download for Windows

Jpegcrop uses a FixPix rendering and dithering algorithm that improves the colors and the image in 16-bit screen modes. Also, the gradient modes are quite smooth and color transition phases are executed with ease. 

The software is available on the windows platform for the versions starting from XP to 10. 

Key features of Jpegcrop

  • Zoom Reload

As the name suggests, it’s an option to zoom into the picture. It does so by enhancing the overall quality of the image and tries to bring out the optimal resolution without causing any distortion. 

  • Transform Trim Edges

The images are trimmed based on certain specifications and helps in the better outlook of the final image. 

  • Progressive Coding

The software helps in getting a lower quality image which is enhance slowly as the connection gets faster. It helps in carrying out most of the edits without any delay and make the final edits when the image is fully received via the connection.  

How to Download and Install Jpegcrop on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Software Installation File

The software can be found on its official website. Other third-party sites also have the installation file. Download the one that is compatible with your operating system. 

  • Install it

Upon successful download, open the installation file. Follow the set of instructions on the screen and wait for the software to install.  

  • Edit Away

Once installed successful, open the editor and start editing without any hassle. 

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