All About the John the Ripper Application

Making a strong password is not as easy as it sounds. But to recover the lost passwords, that is definitely a big deal. People usually worry that if they build some strong passwords, they might lose them and then again spend valuable time to make new passwords. John The Ripper Application comes to rescue in this regard. The application is a utility platform which helps the users to test the strength of the platform. The same is also valuable in order to figure out the lost passwords or paraphrases.

FULL NAME:John The Ripper
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The application has many features and your life would be very easy as far as remembering and forming passwords is concerned. It is important that your account’s passwords are strong so that they are always decrypted and no one could figure them out ever. To make sure of this, you need to be very accurate in making strong passwords. The application does not have a GUI of its own. So, there you can expect no launching page. To run the application, you need to run it on the command prompt and view the parameters which are set to run the required action.

Features of the Application:
Download for Windows

1)     Easy Usage: The application is very easy to handle. The code that the user has to put into the command prompt to run the application is easy and anyone, who does not have a good coding knowledge, could also put that command and run it.

2)     Several Modes: The multiple modes of the actions of application, allow the user to secure their passwords. The different modes are: Single Crack method, Incremental Method and External Mode.

3)     Save and Restore: If you need to use the application some other time, but you have started the application, you can save the work done yet and restore it when you restart the application. This way, your valuable time does not get wasted and you need not put your brains at work again.

4)     Output is simple: The results of the application are saved in a printable document and there is a possibility of extracting the deciphered passwords. You can also make a note of them and delete the file so that no other person could use it.

How to download John the Ripper Application on Windows PC?

John the Ripper application is very easy to download. The same can be downloaded from various online available sources. The sources are free to use, and you do not need to build any account. You also do not have to sign in. The download process is like that of any other application. For the installation, you need to follow the very simple steps which are displayed on your screens.

Download for Windows

How to download John the Ripper Application on Mac?

The application can easily be downloaded on your MacBook and the process is exactly the same as that of downloading on Windows PC. Once downloaded and installed, you can enjoy the accuracy of the application. 

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