Phone storage space is just like the hard drive on our computer. It is used to store various apps, songs, pictures, videos, documents, and a whole lot of information. Every piece of information is coded in bytes, megabytes, gigabytes, which takes up space in our phones. Due to this, too much storage space is used, then it causes mobile phones to slow down, i.e., apps take more time to open, or we cannot run different types of apps at the same time. A primary solution to this problem can be the zipping of files. Zipped files are the compressed and archived file formats.


By the word compressed itself, we know that the original file’s size will be reduced, and its data content will take up less space. IZArc is one of the best apps which are used to zip files. It is supported in Androids as well as PCs. It is a licensed app that gives us a sense of security, and our data remains in a secured form. A zip file can contain one or more than one together in a condensed format. We can save nearly 80% or more in the storage space.

The zipped version of the file has got a—zip extension.  One of the best advantages of zipping a file is that it reduces the e-mail transmission time to a great extent. For example, if we have a doc file of approx. 15MB, which needs to be sent to a friend, but the large size of the file is taking up too much space, and time to be uploaded, then here such apps can come into play. We can quickly zip files and reduce the file size to approximately 5MB and upload it. The smaller size of the file also makes it eligible to be sent through e-mails with an MB limit. Also, the mailbox space is saved.

This is very useful if a person has a mailbox space limit. This app can also encrypt private data. 

IZArc - Extract files from ZIP, RAR and 7-ZIP archives. ➡ App Store Review  ✅ ASO | Revenue & Downloads | AppFollow


  • VIRUS SCAN: – This application has the feature of having a complete virus scan. You can configure your preferred anti-virus so that whenever any file is extracted, this automatically scans them for viruses, and your system is secure from any damage.
  • SECURE: – Any file which has been encrypted through this application is tough to crack through outside source. The entire file is encrypted in 256-bit AES. This is highly secure, and your file is kept safe.
  • INTEGRATED: – When you install this software, it gets integrated into the windows. Whichever files you want to archive, you can do by just a right-click. This has the most complete and user friendly.


STEP 1:- Go to a trusted web browser application. Write IZARC in the search bar.

STEP 2:- From the search result, go to the official site of IZARC.

STEP 3:-Select the latest version of the game.

STEP 4:- After selecting the latest version, make sure all other applications on your PC is closed. Then click on the download option.

STEP 5:- Go to the folder where the game has been downloaded.

STEP 6:- Double-click on the downloaded file. The installation window appears on the screen.

STEP 7:- Read all the terms and conditions carefully that appear on the window. And click on I agree to the option.

STEP 8:- Click on the install option. And wait till the application is being installed.

STEP 9:- After the installation is complete, the application’s icon appears on the screen. Click on that icon, and you can now compress files easily.

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