If you’re looking for video and music management software, then iTunes is the best. Best media man you can never get. iTunes acts as a media player, Internet radio broadcaster and media library as well. It has all the features that you would need for streaming media files. You can organize any digital multimedia with the help of iTunes.

FULL NAME:iTunes 8.2.0 64 bit

Download iTunes 8.2.0

iTunes 8.2.0 comes with a variety of Accessibility improvements and bug fixes with you wouldn’t be able to see on the older versions. In iTunes 8.2.0 you can play videos, music, radio, ebooks and whatnot. You can also share the iTunes library wirelessly and even purchase media files on iTunes.

Apart from some Accessibility improvements and bug fixes, the features of iTunes 8.2.0 are the same as that of the older versions. Some of the features are mentioned in this article, along with the downloading process of iTunes 8.2.0.

Features of iTunes 8.2.0

If you want to gain knowledge about the features of iTunes 8.2.0 then you can get to know regarding the same below:

Notes syncing

iTunes 8.2.0now enables you to sync your notes throughout your devices. Read any of your notes on any of the tools you want with the help of iTunes 8.2.0. So no matter where you go, your notes will be with you.

Blu Ray compatibility

iTunes 8.2.0 is now compatible with Blu Ray. You can play Blu Ray movies on iTunes without any difficulties. So no need to think about compatibility issues anymore as you have iTunes 8.2.0.

Play videos of any kind

You can now play any video you want with the help of iTunes 8.2.0. If you wish to watch your favourite movie or TV series, you can do it without any hassle. You can play movies in different qualities and choose from a variety of genres that you want to watch. There is a large variety of TV series that you can select from and watch all you want.

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Play music 

Do you like listening to music? Well then, If you do then 8.2.0 is one of the best means to listen to music. There is a wide variety of music that you can select from and listen per your preferences.

A radio broadcaster

Not only does iTunes provide you with music and videos, but it also allows you to listen to radio channels without any difficulties. There’s a large variety of radio channels that you can select from and listen to. Moreover, you are also enabled to listen to the album 1st and then purchase it.

Easier interface

The interface of iTunes 8.2.0 is pretty straightforward and user friendly. Anyone with even significantly less knowledge regarding such matter will also be able to use it without any complications. Leave behind the hectic task of searching on Google for how to use certain media playing applications.

Minimum Installation requirements for iTunes 8.2.0

Don’t worry if you want to download iTunes 8.2.0 on your PC, as you can easily do that. But before that, you need to ensure that your PC meets certain conditions required for iTunes 8.2.0. Such features are as follows:

  • The operating system needed for iTunes 8.2.0 is windows 10, 9 and 7.
  • You need RAM of a minimum 512 MB for iTunes 8.2.0, but 1 GB is recommended for playing higher-quality videos.
  • The screen resolution required for iTunes 1024×768 or above.

Download and install iTunes 8.2.0On PC

If you want to download iTunes 8.2.0 on your PC, then you will have to follow the steps provided below:

1. Firstly, you can click on the download button given here to download

iTunes 8.2.0 on your PC.

2. Once you do that, save the file on your PC.

3. You can then launch the installer file for iTunes 8.2.0 from the

The folder you saved it on.

4. After that, double click on the installer file.

5. Then, a setup/ installer program will come up.

6. You will then have to follow the steps given in the installer.

7. After you do that, you can wait for it to install.

8. Then, a shortcut icon for it iTunes 8.2.0 will be created on your


9. You can then launch iTunes from your desktop.

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